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We took a little sight-seeing trip to Jekyll Island, just past Brunswick, Georgia, on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a windswept piece of land, part of a series of islands called the Sea Islands or the Golden Isles, and helps form a line of barrier islands between the rage of the Atlantic and the mainland. We stayed clear of the touristy spots and combed the beach, instead. With six small children, this is the ideal activity.

The tide was low enough that we found some tidal pools with dull anemones and tiny hermit crabs.


It’s a photographer’s dream.


That’s a hermit crab. Itty-bitty one, next to the green glass.

We didn’t see much wildlife, which is sad, but December really is not the time to come to a place like this and expect to see a lot of animals. And the trip wasn’t about seeing wildlife outside of the car, it was about dealing with the wild critters called “my grandchildren”. So I was content with what we didn’t see and with the company I was keeping.


That’s my daughter-in-law and one of my granddaughters by the sea.


My son & one of his sons, combing the beach for treasures.

It was a beautiful day.

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But it is hotter than Hades in the loft where my computer sits, so I may not get around to blogging much for a few days. Not that I am complaining about the heat. I love it hot. I finally feel human. But hot has a way of driving me out-of-doors and away from the computer desk. Hot is for lounging in lawn chairs, reading a good book and watching my flowers grow.

We went on a two-week vacation. I covered the house with a house-sitter. I left Harvey here because he really doesn’t travel well. Last year’s drive to Nevada and home was a nightmare with him: he got car-sick, he hyper-ventilated, and he just plain hated the entire ride. This year’s drive to Colorado Springs was going to be a lot more miles on the car and confinement to a rear-facing dog carrier. Nope, not for Harvey.

Murphy endured it, but he’s an excellent traveler.

Our plan was to drive to Colorado Springs (which was on fire at the time) to see our son and his family, then to cut across to Reno to see my brother and pick up all the stuff I inherited from my dad. We were going to rent a U-Haul to bring it all home. I’d tell you how that turned out, but that’s a later post.

We didn’t map out our travel plans. Don had one place in mind to camp, but after that it was wherever we ended up when we got tired of driving. Definitely no motels: we were going camping.

We only had vague plans for Colorado Springs: see our son and daughter-in-law and hold our newest grandbaby, play with our grandboys. In short: get that grandbaby fix which is in short supply these days!

Miss Universe here. This little girl is going to take on the world, first class. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Kaci Presley (I think my daughter-in-law is a world-class photographer. She just needs a good camera on her at all times.)

Joe Cool. Fearless. Tan. I kid you not: this kid just got tanner when we were visiting. He had tan lines. 19 months and headed pell mell down the path of life.

Grandma’s Buddy. Three years old, moody, loving, and full of conversation. I thought he wouldn’t remember us, but he most certainly did  remember us. He’s working the system.

Oh, and the dogs.

Grand-dogs, Nicky and Midnight. According to Micah, all dogs are named “Midnight”. The funny thing is: Midnight actually answers to that name. He is the adopted English Setter-cross in front. Nicky is the Rottweiler-cross in back. They are as sweet as they look in the photo, and really good with the little people.

Hey, Murphy was really good with the Little People.

I didn’t catch them “kissing” which is too bad. Murphy licked Micah’s face right before I snapped this. Murphy loved the water slide. Micah loved that Murphy (er – “Midnight”) loved the water slide.

Micah stood on Murphy/Midnight’s toes and pulled his ears. Murphy was a little overwhelmed by the grandchild attention, but I think he secretly liked it. And he even secretly liked being called “Midnight” by a certain wee person.

As I find time, I’ll blog on the road trip to/from and the adventures during our visit. For tonight, I just want to say: I am home. I am so happy we got to Colorado. I am so happy my husband got to visit Colorado Springs, but I am sorry it was during the Waldo Canyon Fire.

And I am immensely sorry for the people who lost their homes. I haven’t searched to see if numbers have changed since we left The Springs, but the last I heard it was 346 homes and 2 deaths. I do know the fire altered a lot of our plans and a lot of people’s lives.

It’s just “stuff”, right?

We figured the ash that fell in Levi’s back yard was from someone’s home.

But more on all of that as I work my way through our adventures. I will probably post sporadically as the loft is much hotter than it is outside. And I hear outside beckoning me…

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