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Family Time

Levi & Kaci did not make it in to town until the 4th of July, but they made it! And Justin loved his Gamba and Baba!

He was just happy to be OUT of a car seat and free to move around!

Monday, July 5: we threw a very impromptu First Birthday Party for Justin (almost 11 months old) complete with ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Birthday Cake Face!

We had six children three years old and under roaming the yard. Oh, what fun!

Levi’s best friend showed up with his three children. This is their newest baby, just a month old. Riley Rose. My daughter and daughter-in-law are excepting new arrivals, too.

Good friends came over, and the whole Presley family was there (woot!) at one time.

AJ & Chrystal, Levi, Kaci & Justin, Don & I, and the Weissers: Zephan, Arwen, Sam & Javan.

On Tuesday, I had to work. I know. Bummer! But the kids “borrowed” my camera and wandered around town taking photos. It was so hard to pick just ONE to be my favorite photo of theirs, but I decided on this one of Levi & Justin at the overlook in Oregon City, looking north over Milwaukie and Portland. Why? Because they’re so handsome together and because of the accidental capture of the turkey vulture catching thermals behind Levi.

I finagled Wednesday and Thursday off after that, reasoning that the kids were leaving on Friday and because they got here so late, I would not have as much time with them as I’d hoped to. I’m so glad I did that!

For one thing, the temps went from mid-seventies to mid-nineties overnight. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were upwards of 95-degrees (F). A wading pool was definitely in order!

On Thursday, Arwen brought the Weisser boys over to play with Cousin Justin. This is my FAVORITE photo from the entire week: the Buddha Boys together on the blanket. Javan, the pasty-white boy, and Justin sporting his new haircut (all the curls are gone)!

Zephan tried to convince Muppy (his name for Murphy) that he should go into his kennel. Muppy said, “No way! I’m free!”

Harvey had to get in on family time, too. (Kaci says I should have named him “Doug” after the dog in the movie “UP!” Darn! It is totally appropriate. But he’s named Harvey and he comes to that…)

Friday, I had to go back to work. My son & his family packed up and left sometime during the day.

This was on my camera when I got home from work Friday. I love that boy!

A beautiful end to a wonderful week.

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