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It has been seven years since I have been stuck in snow like we had yesterday. (You can read about it here.) Same scenario played out yesterday all over Portland with the one exception: I wasn’t stuck in it. Two things have changed since that awful wintery commute: I quit that job and now I only work 3 miles from home and now I absolutely will not drive in snow around the Metro area if I do not have to. The latter translates to: “when it starts sticking on the road outside my office, I close shop and take all level roads home” – there is no exception.

I can drive in snow. I grew up in snow. The Metro area shuts down in snow, people abandon their cars in the road(!!!), people stand on their brakes and slide through intersections (saw that on my way home yesterday), and there are too many hills and too many cars. Yesterday, most of the Metro area ignored the weathercaster’s warnings to go home early, and they ended up stuck – some students even had to spend the night at school! And we only had 3-5″.

That’s the back story to why I am sitting at my desk, in my house, writing on my blog. There’s no easy way to segue into this: snow=photo ops=comparing cameras.

I love how snow changes things and I’ve been wanting to compare my new Google Pixel phone camera to my 35mm Canon Rebel T2i.

Confused Camelia – DSL on the left, Pixel on the right. The pixel is OK, but this is like comparing apples to oranges for quality!

I played with photoshop on the left (DSL). I have no idea why the Pixel picked up the blue – I used one of the Instagram filters to tone it down.

The DSL focuses better (and I can actually see Harvey’s head under the bush, but the Pixel zoom works, and I think the boys came out all right on the right.

This is where the Pixel outshone the DSL. I had to play with the contrast and balance in photoshop to bring out the color of the maple leaves on the left (DSL) because the normal photo was just too dark. But the Pixel caught the maple leaves’ true color, even against the snow (right).

Apples to oranges, again: the DSL just did this one better, but Instagram has filters that make it look pretty cool.

I could just get closer with the DSL. Poor Harvey! He has such long hair on his feet and between his toes, and the snow balls up and ices. This doesn’t happen to Murphy.

So those are my comparison photos. I like the Pixel. It’s not half bad. The DSL will remain my camera of choice, but for portability and photos when I don’t happen to have the DSL with me, the Pixel is passably decent.

Now, I am going to work on my novel, paint a little, and just generally enjoy my day trapped inside the house. Oh – and I’ll be feeding the birds.

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