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We took a little sight-seeing trip to Jekyll Island, just past Brunswick, Georgia, on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a windswept piece of land, part of a series of islands called the Sea Islands or the Golden Isles, and helps form a line of barrier islands between the rage of the Atlantic and the mainland. We stayed clear of the touristy spots and combed the beach, instead. With six small children, this is the ideal activity.

The tide was low enough that we found some tidal pools with dull anemones and tiny hermit crabs.


It’s a photographer’s dream.


That’s a hermit crab. Itty-bitty one, next to the green glass.

We didn’t see much wildlife, which is sad, but December really is not the time to come to a place like this and expect to see a lot of animals. And the trip wasn’t about seeing wildlife outside of the car, it was about dealing with the wild critters called “my grandchildren”. So I was content with what we didn’t see and with the company I was keeping.


That’s my daughter-in-law and one of my granddaughters by the sea.


My son & one of his sons, combing the beach for treasures.

It was a beautiful day.

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