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I am so excited!

Donald (my husband) picked out this wonderful documentary on Netflix tonight and I am absolutely convinced! It’s a foreign film with subtitles and it is a whole lot more believable than a lot of stuff I have seen promoting Bigfoot hunting. I mean, these Norwegians take documentary serious.

JODI – yes, I mean YOU. You with the possible Bigfoot tracks. Oh, by the way: I got to thinking on those tracks and they could be juvenile Sasquatch. Juvies have an arch. Think on it, OK?

Anyway, JODI – you must watch this documentary!

This is serious stuff. We have missing teenagers in Norway. The entire film crew of this documentary has disappeared: the narrator, the cute girl with the funny faces, and both camera-people. One was a Christian and the other was a Muslim. This could be important: trolls can apparently sense a faith in God. They hate God.

Here’s a trailer of The Trollhunter (2010) with English subtitles…


OK folks – let’s get serious: trolls in Norway… it isn’t a big stretch to figure out we have Sassy here in the USA.

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I read an article today that said the founders of the Faerieworlds festival (which is now in its fourth year) never expected people to come to the faire in costume. They didn’t even suggest it. But people came in costume. And still come – in costume.

The Leaf-Man was directing traffic.

“Slow down, Human! Can’t you see the 5-mile per hour sign? And the dust in your wake? A pox of Orcs and Gargoyles will be sent to haunt you!”

A pair of Orcs, ready to be loosed by the Elven Orc-Handler.

Gargoyles are solitary but dangerous creatures.Check out those fingernails -er, claws!

On the prowl for misbehaving humans…

The Tattered Man watches for shoplifters.

Fee-fi-fo-fum! Where’s that darn Jack and his stolen beans?

Not sure what he is, but I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley!

One of the Orcs has lured a faerie into her reach!

Is he a Viking or a Troll? You go ask him, I’ll stand back here…

Barbarians in loin cloths stalk the grounds.

Barbarians dancing in loin cloths also fit under the “That is just WRONG” clothing (or lack thereof) category. Scary to me – I wouldn’t cross them!

Could this be Attila the Hun?

I’ll bet those are the heads of people who littered…

A Star Wars-esque warrior pauses to perfect his coif.

Listening to the strategy of his companion, he fails to notice the little boy who is obviously on to him: he has a tail! And wings!

The warrior flexes his muscle. Who would dare to interfere with him on his errand? He just ate that small child!

Look! I think I spied Eragon in the field! He’s a fierce warrior-to-be! Is that a werecat on his shoulders?

Hmmm….. The werecat appears to be quite dead, if werecat it is. Whatever dead thing it is… Well, heck, maybe it will be featured on my new favorite website some day??

“Come clossser, Little One… Thisss wing wraith won’t hurt you… Jusssst telll me where the Hobbitses are…”

All that was left of the child was a wand in the dust…

OK, it *was* “Bad Fairy Day” at Faerieworlds. These were not even the BAD faeries (I still don’t know if I should publish some of those pictures… I was pushing the bar to publish the Barbarians dancing, I think…)

Disclaimer: no children were harmed during this event or during the photography of this event. I will not swear to the health of the very dead cryptid-like thing on the back of the Eragon faerie. In fact, I think it was a pretty dead animal of some sort. But it was not harmed at the event. It had been dead for a very, very long time…


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