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I am so excited!

Donald (my husband) picked out this wonderful documentary on Netflix tonight and I am absolutely convinced! It’s a foreign film with subtitles and it is a whole lot more believable than a lot of stuff I have seen promoting Bigfoot hunting. I mean, these Norwegians take documentary serious.

JODI – yes, I mean YOU. You with the possible Bigfoot tracks. Oh, by the way: I got to thinking on those tracks and they could be juvenile Sasquatch. Juvies have an arch. Think on it, OK?

Anyway, JODI – you must watch this documentary!

This is serious stuff. We have missing teenagers in Norway. The entire film crew of this documentary has disappeared: the narrator, the cute girl with the funny faces, and both camera-people. One was a Christian and the other was a Muslim. This could be important: trolls can apparently sense a faith in God. They hate God.

Here’s a trailer of The Trollhunter (2010) with English subtitles…


OK folks – let’s get serious: trolls in Norway… it isn’t a big stretch to figure out we have Sassy here in the USA.

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