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Resin Pour

My latest projects have to do with resin pour. I had a kit as a teenager but lost interest in the art for whatever reason (I was a teenager, what can I say?). I’ve had the supplies in my locker for a few years now but just recently decided to try some pours with photos of my own art (reduced, considerably) and some molds I have.

The largest (oblong) is 1.5″ long and the smallest (square) is 3/4×3/4″. The biggest issue was deciding how much resin to mix at a time. A full teaspoon was too little, two tablespoons was too much. I also learned to stir the mixture slower as you get fewer bubbles when you do the final pours.

You can easily tell which ones have too many bubbles. Oh well. These were silicone molds (except the squirrel with the camera).

I’ve had these little metal frames for jewelry around FOREVER. It never occurred to me to use resin to seal a photo inside them. The photos started as 3×3″, but I reduced them to fit the frames.

I’m addicted. I’ve started a new line of things to sell. 🙂

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