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I’m Back!

Three weeks ago, the power supply unit went out in my HP: desktop. I’m not super geeky, but I searched YouTube, asked my son, and even let my friend’s 30-year old geek look at it. It needs a new power supply unit, and I will have to learn to repair my own in the near future. Meanwhile, I bought a re-furbished HP off of Groupon, and waited for it to be delivered.

Meanwhile, our water heater gave up the ghost. My laundry room is still spread out over the kitchen table because when we lost the water heater, I lost all my storage in the laundry room. I’m waffling between something I found on Houzz and something I found on Wayfair.com.

I fell into a mid-winter funk and have not created anything in a fortnight. My novel is waiting for the final touch-ups.

Oh. My novel. Back-up, back-up, back-up. I had everything saved to an external hard drive when the power supply unit went out. *Everything* Music, novel(s), short stories, and all those precious photos. However, I lost my key to my photo shop program (I use Corel’s PaintShop), so I will have to buy that. I had the old version, anyway, and the 2018 version costs the same. KEEP YOUR PRODUCT KEYS!

Fortunately, I use a free watermark download (Visual Watermark). I think I may have paid for the full version, but I have yet to search emails for that. It’s not that much.

Now, I need a new keyboard (inexp;ensive), because – wouldn’t you know it? – my ancient Gateway keyboard is not comp;atible with the new HP:, and the new keyboard has a faulty p;P:p;P:p;P: key. I am getting tired of backspacing every thing I type “p;”

News on my novel to come – I have 13 days left to meet the NaNoWriMo deadline to have it reviewed for possible submission. Only minor edits left, a new title, and artwork for the cover. It’s hustle time.

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