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Joyeux Noel

Christmas is gone and all we have to deal with is the aftermath and presents that still have not arrived at their destinations. Presents are not a big deal: they are material and fleeting. We felt terrible for the Fed Ex employee who made a last-minute delivery at our house in the middle of the day on Christmas. Really, it could have waited one more day. Don knew it was coming and he was happy just knowing.

But thank you, anyway. And we hope you made it home in time to be with your family to enjoy the treasure of their company.

A coworker asked me today what I got for Christmas. I drew a blank. There were a lot of nice things, and I got exactly what I asked for (a squirrel feeder, not your average feminine gift if you believe all the jewelry commercials at Christmas. In fact, I once warned my husband that I’d kill him if he bought me anything with diamonds for a gift. I meant it. I have one diamond and it is on my ring finger. That’s all I care for).

So what DID I get for Christmas? A lot of Christmas cards from friends and family, some of whom I did not reciprocate (I’m sorry! I’ll do better next year!). The company of Chrystal & Brian (and we forgot to take that family photo!). Fen came over and was so happy to see his grandpeople. (He was also very happy with the kibble he got for Christmas. Dogs are so easy to please.)

We Skyped (that is a new verb, isn’t it?) with our son and his three little tornadoes. He has been separated from his kids for a few months due to the military and he grinned the entire time we were on Skype and his minions were running in circles, screaming, and showing off their favorite Christmas toys. Justin’s favorite gift this year was the one from us. I can’t honestly remember Micah’s: he showed us so many. Kori kissed the phone.

We Skyped with our oldest. Zephan was too busy playing with his Legos to spend much time talking to us. Javan’s favorite gift was the airplane we sent him. Eli was too busy showing us all his toys and everyone else’s (he’s the same age as Micah). Verity just wanted to taste the phone. Arwen laughed the entire time, shaking her head at her children’s antics.

Family. Isn’t that what it is all about? Don called all of his extended family. I still need to call my brother.

We got some cards this year that went over the top, into The Best Christmas Cards Ever category.


The guilt-laced greeting from 5-year old Zephan. Ninjago is the set of Legos he wasked us to get him. He was more than pleased that he received a set (which was why he couldn’t Skype very long with us. Gotta build, build, build). He wrote his own name, bless his heart!


Javan decorated both sides of the card he sent us. You can click on the image for a better view, but I’ll just tell you what his mother’s note is: “A big net”. That’s a big net over the Spongebob crew.


He decorated the flip side with “mountains”.

Tell me my grandsons are not competitive. This is Eli’s card:


“Spiderman’s web over Spongebob”


“Lots of mountains by Eli”


Our youngest has taken up art, again. She gave us an 8.5×11″ hand drawn card.


Click on the image to read the note. I can’t write it out. It makes me all sniffy-nosed and teary eyed.

I love my kids. And by “my kids”, I include those who my children have chosen to spend their lives with.

It was a wonderful Christmas, made possible by Skype, the telephone, automobiles, and the U.S. Postal Service. We are so blessed to live in this day and age. It was *almost* like having them all here in our tiny little house.

Except we could say good-bye, turn the phone off, and the sugar-high elves were someone else’s problems. 1476352_10152134603217392_67138169_n

Korinne, shortly after we said good-bye to her. (photo by Levi)

I feel so blessed.

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Happy Holidays! God Jul!

I have been so blessed this Christmas between little gifts and cards at work, and Christmas cards in the mail, that it makes me feel almost ashamed to admit that I was pretty darn lame this year. I didn’t put as much thought into the gifts I gave at work and I sent fewer cards than usual (and those all went out on the 23rd, so will not arrive at their destinations until after Christmas). We didn’t buy any gifts for nieces or nephews, sisters or brothers, or parents. Of course, there’s a reason for this thrift: the last quarter of 2013 was rather expensive and we had to tap into our precious savings to cover those unexpected bills. We’re learning how to live in our new reality of one less paycheck per month now that Don is retired. We don’t use credit cards, so everything is cash.

No, I don’t really feel that guilty: what I really feel is BLESSED.

We’re so grateful for family that is still living, for family that has passed on, for “real life” friends, cyber friends, and co-workers! We feel incredibly blessed and touched by all those lives around us! Don’s family, my family, our family: we love all of you so very much!

If you know us personally and you didn’t get a card from us, we didn’t forget you. Life just got in the way.

Every time I turn around, I am reminded of someone. Tonight, I sat on the floor with Harvey and watched the lights on the tree. It reminded me of – no, it took me back to – a time when my mom and dad were still living and my little sister was my buddy. My grandparents came to life. A memory floated before me for that moment in the lights and I realized just how precious all those memories are.

Memories are our gift to you this year: all the times we’ve laughed together, cried together, prayed together (or prayed for each other), shared something on Facebook or in a letter or in a blog post – all those brief moments of connection, that’s our gift to each other.

Thank you for your gifts to us. Please accept our gift to you. It really isn’t as lame as I made it out to be, because it’s really about friendship and love, not the getting of presents or cards.

Merry Christmas and thank you for every moment!



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