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I realize I have been rather quiet (unlike the above bird, which is rarely quiet). Life has just been so – busy.

We changed accounting software at work and life has been hectic. I mean that, with all the emphasis. Today was the first day in a couple of months that I actually had time to clean up the top of my desk and contemplate the things I have not done. I was surprised at how few undone things there were, given the number of post-it notes I had piled up by my phone.


I know: it’s amazing how quickly little memo notes pile up on a desk! Today, I sorted through them and tossed all of them away after making certain I had the information on them stored in a more permanent place. Most of them were notes on how to operate in the new accounting system.

It is supposed to make thinking irrelevant. You know: the software does the math for you. You just click a few icons and trust the computer to calculate. It has been full of glitches, so I have been working in two accounting systems all month, duplicating all of my records, doing twice the work.

Everyone has been doing the same thing.


We’ve all thought about calling in sick. Maybe we could run away. Our heads have been splitting.


But we hesitate: what if we all called in sick? What if it gets better?

And today, we had a break in the madness. A breather. A regular slow down. Time to regroup and consider our next move.


Next week, the remodel begins.

If we didn’t go mad with the accounting software, we can only hope the remodel doesn’t push us over the edge.

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