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I realize I have been rather quiet (unlike the above bird, which is rarely quiet). Life has just been so – busy.

We changed accounting software at work and life has been hectic. I mean that, with all the emphasis. Today was the first day in a couple of months that I actually had time to clean up the top of my desk and contemplate the things I have not done. I was surprised at how few undone things there were, given the number of post-it notes I had piled up by my phone.


I know: it’s amazing how quickly little memo notes pile up on a desk! Today, I sorted through them and tossed all of them away after making certain I had the information on them stored in a more permanent place. Most of them were notes on how to operate in the new accounting system.

It is supposed to make thinking irrelevant. You know: the software does the math for you. You just click a few icons and trust the computer to calculate. It has been full of glitches, so I have been working in two accounting systems all month, duplicating all of my records, doing twice the work.

Everyone has been doing the same thing.


We’ve all thought about calling in sick. Maybe we could run away. Our heads have been splitting.


But we hesitate: what if we all called in sick? What if it gets better?

And today, we had a break in the madness. A breather. A regular slow down. Time to regroup and consider our next move.


Next week, the remodel begins.

If we didn’t go mad with the accounting software, we can only hope the remodel doesn’t push us over the edge.

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Today is Thanksgiving Day 2013. I am thankful for a vivid imagination, even when I am sleeping. The following is what happens when I oversleep:

It was a slow day at work. I was sitting at a school-style desk, and I’d just finished closings. I double-checked on P’s desk (also school-style) for the pay-out sheets. We were in an open room, not offices. Went back to my desk and opened up the new accounting software on my lap top and entered the Training mode. I got really lost in the system and had to back out a few times, but I was slowly narrowing down what it would do for us.
Then our new HR person (who happened to be a schoolmate of my oldest, a woman named Christy) came and had a question about procedure. P sent me to show her on her  computer (Christy had a regular office). It took a long time because Christy was ill and she had to tie her hair up (not sure why, but it was a dream) and she couldn’t get the headband to work. Anyway, turned out it was a non-issue and didn’t pertain to her end of work. <sigh – wasted time>
The accounting software webinar had already started and I was a bit tweaked that I’d missed the intro. The webinar was in a narrow office full of desks and chairs (nostly chairs stacked up) and all the Office Coordinators staring at computer screens while the trainer talked over the phone. Two women to a screen. I squeezed in behind Dorothy (a real co-worker) until she finally unstacked one of the empty chairs and I could sit next to her. Everyone was uncomfortable and the session was redundant to me.
Suddenly, the chief of operations (who happens to be a friend of mine in life, but works as CFO for a large church) came in. Michael H. Michael said that there were important people waiting for me and he had to track me down.
He said the “Monkees Hall of Fame” was there to see me & said we had an important meeting. So, P urged me to go as you cannot keep someone as important as that waiting. Only what they didn’t know was that the Monkees Hall of Fame was just a group of girlfriends from my past who sometimes came to Portland and we’d go out to dinner or lunch. I didn’t know they were in town, this was a surprise visit.
In the hall, as Michael led me around the mall (so now we’re in a mall-like structure with busy professionals everywhere), he said there was someone named Lola (my former supervisor in real life)with the group, but she’s come separately and want to see me. I was delighted.
Lola had already made friends with the Monkees Hall of Fame: Linda?, maybe. It’s  weird – I didn’t really know any of these people in real life, but in my dream we had been forever friends and they all lived elsewhere. They were ready to go out to lunch with myself & Lola. Michael knew about it and was going to stay mum on the subject, so I basically had a free lunch pass with a group os girlfriends and got to skip out on the dull accounting software meeting under the guise of the Monkees Hall of Fame (Club – Club was never mentioned, but we knew that’s what we were).
Oh – and each of us represented one of the Monkees.I think Linda? Was Davey, Lisa? Was Mickey,  and Diane? Was Peter. I was Mike, of course. I even had a dorky beanie to wear that was just like Mike’s in the TV show.

(What my brain does when it’s over-tired…)

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