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Since I was already dusting our bedroom today, I decided to whip out the camera and take some photos of the vintage items there – especially the salt & pepper shakers from my mother’s collection. I do not collect S&P shakers, and I don’t think our children will be interested in these, either, so if I can dig out what they might be worth, maybe I can set up shop and sell them.

But – first – I took photos of my shadow pictures. They were Mom’s a long time ago, but I’ve owned them for so long that I forget that. The largest is only 5×5″ and I’ve already priced these at antique shows: they’re worth no more than $20 and what you can sell them for.

The top two have curved glass and paper backgrounds, two have flat glass and foil behind the shadows. The last – and smallest – is a decoupage.


Etched into the bottom of these faux shakers is “Handmade Solid Copper Bull Montana” – apparently, they are simply souvenirs of the 1960’s or 1970’s. Charming.


Lusterware, hand-painted penguins, undated.

This is a four and a half inch tall urn with lid, no date. JAPAN stamped on the bottom. Hand-painted.

NapCo china from Japan. I found the exact set in an image search of the Internet, but it was a dead-end on Pinterest. There are four. They are tiny and they all have corks in the bottom.


Clearly hand-painted, this is not lusterware, but painted to resemble it. Peeling & one is missing the cork.


A fine example of lusterware – the egg is that perfect blue hue. The maker’s mark looks like a 7, but the top is an indent and the side protrudes (bottom right of egg, above the gold. 4″ tall.


Just for a comparison of the quality of glaze and gold (or lack thereof).

I really didn’t find much of value until I looked up the last set.

Vintage 1930’s Black American Children Eating Watermelon. I found a site where the exact set sold for $115.00. 2×2″, hand-painted

I think I will start setting these things aside to sell on eBay or Etsy.


P.S. These are the only S&P shakers I have “collected” – they were a parting gift from my dear friend, Rosie, when she sold out and moved to South Dakota to live with her sons. I suspect they are vintage, too. I think they’re adorbs.

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