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That’s a town in Idaho, not a patron saint. (Well, he was a saint, but I refer to the small town where my father grew up and his family had deep roots in.)

I am slowly (and I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y) sorting through the boxes of things I brought home from my most recent trip to Nevada. I have to decide what boxes to sort through later and what boxes to sort through now. The box labeled “St Anthony Linens and Museum” is a “later” box. But here’s a sneak peek at the contents:

008One cotton night dress.

010A satin vest.

My friend, Mary, will have to help me with this one as well as several short blouses in the box.

011A baby girl’s dress, possibly belonging to my Aunt Mary, who died very young (Dad’s older sister).

012A child’s faux fur coat. Pretty sure this was my father’s and if I looked hard enough, I could find photos of him in it.

015A woman’s over-cloak.

016Close up.

017Detail of the embroidery.

019Moth or wear damage. 😦

020Embroidery work on the back.

021An apron.

022I will guess these were my father’s baby clothes. Crocheted.

023There are three of the nightgowns. Toddler-sized. The bonnet would fit a young girl’s head.

024Oh – and my mother’s painting apron.

Hey, it’s vintage 1960’s.

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