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There are a few things I would like to say as I close out NaNoWriMo this year:

Thank you to the many followers I’ve gained, and the many bloggers who have liked most of my posts. I have checked each and everyone of you out, and some of you I have set to follow. I’d love to know how your own NaNoWriMo has gone – you don’t have to share your story with me, but please tell me how many words you managed, where you got stuck, and what your final plans are for your novel.

I got stuck on Day#27. It’s awful. I’d like to erase that entire post. In retrospect, I’ll change the setting, which will require me to go back through the entire novel. I can do that.

What about dialog? I screwed up with Madison & Dylan. They started out as great skater bunnies, but I lost the dialog as I wrote. Bad move. You need to keep your characters “in character”.

I’d like to expand my novel by exploring the other “safe houses” and how the characters got to be in those houses. I’m not certain (at this point) if that requires sequels or not. Miss Sophy is definitely someone who needs development, as well as the Beaman twins and Missy’s crush on Aric.

I really dislike violence. I couldn’t see a way around it when the teens were faced with the toad and the rats, and then the Yokai. If I can rewrite those sections without violence, I will, Sometimes, however, the story takes on its own character, and Aric was busting for some physical warfare.

I’d love to develop the crush Ella has on Dish and how he fees toward her. I need to work on why Dish is such a sallow character. I know this.

I am happy with the plot twists. But I am not happy with the overall setting: the governor closing down a state. I will be changing that scenario to something more close-knit.

This story deserves more than 50,000 words. I’ll work on revising and editing (thank you Mary!) before I decide what to do with the ms.

I truly thank you for following me. ♥♥

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