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This is dumb. This is dumb.  I am posting about buying a dresser at Goodwill for $39.99. Really.

I almost didn’t stop at Goodwill this weekend. But, you know, it’s right next door to BiMart and I always stop at BiMart for the dogs. (If you don’t live where there is a BiMart – which is almost everywhere outside of Oregon – I am SORRY for you. I love BiMart!)

Anyway, back to my story: I stopped at Goodwill. I really wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I always check the furniture aisle because I need storage units in my studio and I keep hoping to find good dressers that are under 33″ in height. The vertical walls are 33″ tall, then they angle up with the slope of the roof above. I can’t put anything taller in here.

And – of course! – Goodwill had a GOOD dresser there for $39.99. 32″ tall by 24″ deep by 36″ wide. Small enough to fit into my KIA, deep enough to store artwork flat, and drawers that are built solid.

I bought it. Had Goodwill load it. Called my son-in-law to unload it (he didn’t come until the following day).  And with it, I got a bonus: three weird doorknobs inside the top drawer.

Plastic door knobs, bad paint, cut-outs.

The rustic flavor is pretty much lost in the fact these are all plastic. What the heck? But maybe I can remover the plastic doorknobs and insert some glass ones? I have no idea. I have no idea why someone would cut out sections of a door to save plastic doorknobs and door plates??

It is a home-made dresser with solid drawers. Weighs a LOT. Sam carried it up the stairs for me after we removed the drawers. The drawers are deep enough that I can place artwork flat inside them. It replaces several boxes and for that I am thrilled. Now all I have to do is organize.

I love to organize at work. Not so much at home.

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