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Hallowe’en and Harvey

I love Hallowe’en. I can’t tell you why. OK – I can tell you why I like Hallowe’en: it’s dress-up time. And I love dress-up.

I’m not really into the whole witches-ghosts-nightmare stuff. I read Alfred Hitchcock when I was a kid, but nowadays I’d rather not be startled or frightened. I’d rather Hallowe’en was about Boo Radley saving Scout and Jem than it is about scary stuff.

So it is that my Hallowe’en decorations tend to focus around things like lights, pumpkins, jack o’lanterns, spiders, bats, and rats.

Not living rats! I abhor real, living rats. I’m more into the R.O.U.S. sort of rat or the squooshy rubber rat.

I’m really not into cutesy spiders. Spiders ought to look a tad more threatening.

The disembodied hands are a favorite. I think Harvey looks a bit unsettled, don’t you think?

“Oh, good little puppy, let me just scratch your little chin…”

“What a good puppy.”

Seriously, Mom? Would you quit flashing that light in my face?

Back to Spiders. They ought to look somewhat threatening. Everyone is so afraid of spiders and sticky spider webs.


I think Harvey was beginning to sulk!

So I brought out the BIG spider. The “umbrella” spider, as I call it. It put one or two of its legs over Harvey and tried to smile for the camera.

Harvey was having none of it.

What a party pooper!

OK, so I will try the WITCH.

Harvey shows some interest, finally.

Hi There! You smell kind of nice. I like the hat. The wart is a nice touch.

You look like you need a doggie kiss. Doggie kisses make it all better.

I eat my own poop, so my breath should smell wonderful to a witch like you!

Aw, Mom! I will love him, and hug him. and squeeze him, and I will call him George!

Can I keep him?

(Apologies to Hugo the Yeti, who first said those immortal words)



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