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Procrastinate. Read the book, make a few notes, and then – procrastinate. Avoidance. It works for me.

Well, it doesn’t work, but it is what I am doing tonight. I am procrastinating. Trying to breathe in/out, and trying to convince myself I am worthy – which is the whole point of reading books on self-improvement at the moment. I AM WORTHY.

I ordered the paperback versions of the two self-help books so I can make profuse notes. Something tells me that these books will be as life-changing for me as Elaine Aron’s book on The Highly Sensitive Person has been. So add these to the “must have” library for me:

Staci Eldridge – Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of Me

Nancy Levin – Worthy. Boost your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth

There’s something about paper books: you can highlight with a marker, write in the margins, underline, and find your bookmarks quickly. e-Books just aren’t that user friendly. Sure, you can bookmark, but find the bookmark you want in a couple seconds? Or write in the margins? Not so much.

I started this particular post on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, right after I received notification that I have been accepted to show my art work at the Silverton Art Festival in August. It’s not much more than 20 miles away. I’d have to sell 8 paintings to break even. My husband isn’t exactly on-board, but he’s not objecting, either.

And, yet, this art festival isn’t the one that got me dreaming that I could actually do this. I put that art show – the BIG one – on a back burner and didn’t work toward the goal of getting there. Why? Because I constantly undersell my own personal goals. I derail myself. I don’t believe. And that pattern of thinking is why I started reading these particular books in the first place: to seek a way to change the way I sub-consciously limit myself.

I paid for my booth at the Silverton Art Festival tonight. Hell with it, I’m doing this. Sink or swim. Do something that will start me on the road to believing in myself!

I am also making a commitment to the art show I really want to be in, the one in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 2,288 miles from here. No jury. Almost 3 weeks long. A very different venue of exposure that isn’t limited to local or my friends on Facebook. 2018. ArtPrize.




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