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I Have A Problem

Let me think: first, I should update you all with Harvey. The meds are doing the trick as far as reducing the pain he is in. he’s having a hard time being on “bed rest”, but we’re slowly discovering our limits. I have decided that he is banned from the loft where I spend most of my time, and that is hard. He just cannot manage the stairs. Up is fine: down hurts. We may rethink this as winter closes in, but for now, he’s content on the first floor.

I am still sorting through the left overs of the yard sale. We hauled everything to one or another donation center, but I am left sorting through the contents of the old file cabinet and the desk.

I own:

oil pastels (multiple sets).

pastels (one set).

oil paints (multiple tubes, many of the same color). A lot of them.

water-based oil paints (one set).

water colour paints (in tubes, and replaceable tins). A lot of them.

coloured permanent ink pens. (not too many)

India ink pens and nibs. A ton of nibs. Multiple nib holders.

crayons. Not too many.

oil pastels. multiple packs of oil pastels.

water colour crayons. combined with water colour coloured pencils.

coloured pencils.


several kinds of clay.

Twelve rolls of Scotch™ tape.


And I have not even looked inside the boxes of gift wrap where I also hide tape.

I can make excuses for the art supplies (and I didn’t even mention the craft paint I buy at JoAnn’s or Michael’s). But Scotch Tape™????

Most are rolls that have been started, but there’s at least two rolls that have never been started AND a three pack. Still, not counting what is hiding in the boxes of gift wrap.

Houston, we have a problem. Scotch Tape™

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