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I am sitting downstairs with Harvey, enjoying a quiet night without Don or Murphy. What do I do when Don is gone?


He has some awesome ones. He was much busier with his camera than I was.

City of Rocks, Idaho

View from I-70 in Utah. Love the clouds!

Cactus shadows.

The Arkansas River from the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Rafters on the Arkansas River.

Kaci, Justin, Korinne’s stroller and me pausing to take in the view off of the Royal Gorge Bridge.

A very thirsty squirrel sneaking into the dog water.

“Oh, Hi Hooman! I just be gettin’ some waters to drink when those dumbo doggies isn’t lookin’. I be’s movin’ on now.”

I don’t know why I missed this lovely view point at Royal Gorge. Don, Levi and Justin walked over to it.


Pike’s Peak Cog Railway – waiting for the train.

At the summit.

The Colorado Rockies.

Hello Marmot!

Waldo Canyon fire from Pike’s Peak.

Somebody was bored out of his little toddler mind on the ride back down the mountain.

Love these boys!

Who is that mad woman?

Ely on fire! It was further from town than it appears. Notice the clouds forming at the top of the column of smoke? It was starting to create its own weather system.

The three of us: Me, Terry and Dad. Mom was probably there, too, but we couldn’t see her.

Dad’s last dance. Mom always said he had two left feet, but I think he finally perfected his dance moves.

(Thank you, Donald, for unknowingly allowing me to use your photographs. I give you all the credit. Love, your wife.)

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The Waldo Canyon Fire put a kabosh on a lot of our plans, but it didn’t stop us from finding something to do.

We drove down to Cañon City and out to see the Royal Gorge Bridge.

1,270 feet across the gorge and 1,053 above the Arkansas River, it is touted as the world’s highest suspension bridge. It is probably the world’s most expensive bridge to walk on, too, but the price of admission aside – we had a wonderful visit there.

“There’s boats down there, Grandma!”

Yes, Justin, and they look so tiny!










We ate lunch on the far side of the gorge and watched a lightning storm move across the western horizon and we hoped that it dumped some rain on the fires at the same time. The wind picked up and the bridge swayed when we crossed back over.

Needless to say, we didn’t stand around much on the way back across the bridge, but going over the first time was a leisurely stroll – except when the cars came rolling across! It’s rather unnerving to be standing on a suspension bridge a thousand feet above the floor of the canyon when a big car rumbles by, shaking every thing. I don’t know how much more you had to pay to drive your car across, but I am certain it was a lot more fun to walk across.

This guy was probably the most unpleasant part of our visit, and he was just looking for water. We shooed him off after I snapped his photo. (It’s a mud-dauber wasp, not very aggressive as wasps go, but contains the potential of ruining a little kid’s day. And the accompanying adults.)

These very fascinating cacti were everywhere and they were in bloom. I really wanted to bring one home, but I had no idea how I was going to manage that. So I took photos instead (and saved the native flora for the next person).







There was this bucket… I’m not really sure what the attraction was, but it provided some amusement for all.

The dogs all got along fairly well. Murphy tried to push Midnight and Nicky around like he does Harvey, but they weren’t going for it. But there were no major fights and very little growling and posturing. I didn’t get a photo of all three dogs together but then I didn’t get a photo of all three grandchildren together.

Ha! Nothing like rubbing dirt into your eyes, Justin! At least he didn’t try to eat the rocks like his brother.

Fearless Boy was in and out of lawn furniture, climbing up ladders (!!) and stomping on all the dog’s tails, including Murphy’s. All dogs are Midnight to him, but Murphy didn’t seem to mind being called Midnight. And he didn’t seem to mind being walked on, either.

I think Murphy was rather fond of Micah.

Oh heck, he was just after his share of the water on the Slip-n-slide.

Colorado Springs set new records for high temperatures the week we were there.

What a cheesy grin!

Stealing Dad’s sunglasses.


We had a good time and we ate at some great places. If you’re ever in Colorado Springs, there are two places I recommend you check out:

Gunther Toody’s Diner – if only for the memorabilia on the walls and between the booths. The food is good, too.

King’s Chef Diner – we didn’t go to the original “castle” location but ate at the Bijou St. location. This is the best kind of “hometown” restaurant eating: casual to the point of… casual. The food was great, the service … Well, you just have to experience it.

I still haven’t been able to wander around Old Colorado City. The area was open but we just didn’t have the time. Manitou Springs opened up after a few days, but we ran out of time for that, too. But I have at least been able to wander around there: I blogged about it when Justin was a wee babe here.

BUT – we did get to ride the historic Pike’s Peak Cog Railroad. That’s tomorrow’s post.

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