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This post is brought to you by Daphne the Goose, who is in her third incarnation.


This is how she looked when I discovered her inside a thrift store in 2011.


She was clearly screaming for someone to rescue her and give her new life. “Ave me from the blue flowers on my butt!”

“Save me from this dorky Mother Goose Hat and these awful feet!”

I tried to make a more realistic Daphne and by July of 2011, had painted a 2-goose Daphne.


She was a white-fronted wild goose on one side…


Blue-fronted Snow Goose on the other side.

Daphne has weathered seven years in the garden and was beginning to look the worse for wear last summer. I brought her inside in the fall with a promise to give her a new life.  Her paint was worn and she just looked tired.

I started work on her this week – and that’s when the arguments started. She wanted an orange foot. I told her that was stupid. She insisted my former paint job was stupid. She wanted to be a domestic goose. I wanted her to be a wild goose. I told her that she’d been a big white goose when I found her. She told me that not all domestic geese are white (remember the song, “The old grey goose”?

Daphne won.

Just a simple Greylag Goose getting ready for Spring. She looks quite happy.

Who knows what other incarnations she will have throughout the years.

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