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My favorite Facebook post: “Soooooo How’s that bumper-testing job going?” – Mike

My new ride:


Seats 8. Satellite radio. Leather seats. Over-kill.

My new license plate:


No, I did *not* move to Florida.

My old “new” bumper (on my car since May 2013):

Jackie LP

Want to see that again?


Two bumpers for the price of…


Yeah, this one needs to be replaced, too. And the radiator.

I may be driving that Town & Country with the Florida plates for a couple of weeks.

The human injuries:


Ooops. Wrong photo. I think that’s the Hallowe’en photo,


My right leg on Thursday, a few hours after the Lo-Jack that is installed under my front seat came forward at 10-20 mph and nailed me. It immediately retracted back into place upon the second impact, leaving me dazed and confused as to how I got that bruise on my leg.

Then I remembered the Lo-Jack. It’s a rather weighty anti-theft device installed under the front seat of my car.

My new tattoo as of tonight:


Yeah, the blood is starting to pool around my ankles…

I spent Friday making and answering phone calls to insurance companies and limping my way, stiffly, to the DMV office nearest to make my accident report.

I’d like to thank the First Responders who jumped out of their fire truck with a large bag of kitty litter. They by-passed the three of us who were standing there and applied emergency treatment to the radiator fluid pouring out onto the cold asphalt from my car’s front end. Then they checked on the humans and assured the 3rd car involved that she could leave since we had adequately exchanged proper information. She drove off in the full-size pick-up one that took out my radiator.

I’d like to thank the First Responders who pulled up with sirens blasting and jumped out of their truck with fire extinguishers. They said, “Cell phone reporters. they said you had a car fire.”

Nope: steam from the radiator, maybe. Then we told them how they had already been there. We pointed to the kitty litter as evidence. Deja Vu.

Thank you, Second Fire Truck guys for having a sense of humor and “getting” the dry humor of the slightly shaken up and very much still in shock.

I’d like to thank the State Police Officer who final;ly arrived and made a police report. He advised us to all make certain we filed our own DMV accident report and he did not give the other driver a citation.

I’d like to thank Driver #1. Not for hitting me, but for being a Gentleman and a Knight. He called AAA on his own card. He stayed with me until the tow truck driver could rescue my car. He collected all the information and helped the officer write the police report. He has wonderful insurance (I hope his rates don’t sky-rocket too much since he was such a stand-up guy).

I’d like to thank J&M Body Shop for the first bumper. And the second and third, since they are going to get to do those, too. Even if the owner told me I didn’t get a warranty on that bumper he sold me back in May.

And I’d like to thank the insurance company that is not mine: they are paying for the rear-end of my car, the front end of my car, and the rear-end of the #3 pick-up. And they are footing the bill for the mini van.

Last, I’d like to THANK GOD that it was no worse than it was. Because I nearly broke down and cried. Except the Lexapro wouldn’t let me cry and God wouldn’t let me behead Driver #1. Which is good, since he took the brunt of the financial responsibility.

I hope to never again play Human Accordion. Take care out there, people.

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