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I apologize for posting two posts in one day, but I looked at the calendar and realized that if I timed this right, the most important letter of all of these could be posted on Veterans’ Day 2015. I did not intend for this to go into Veterans’ Day at all, but now that I amm sitting here and looking aty a calendar, a lot of thoughts are going through my mind, the foremost of which is: why not post the end on Veterans’ Day because Great Uncle Dale deserves that honor!!?

Therefore, I am in a bit of a crunch to post the last few letters written in my great uncle’s hand. There are more letters after that – the story is not yet over! – but Dale’s own words should end on the appropriate “day of remembrance”.

Newberg, Ore. June 18, ’17

Dear Mother and Dad,

       Your letter came today. I will answer thanking you for the draft. I may not need it very badly but it is good of you to send it.

     I dropped down here a day or two ago to put in the time until I am called which I expect about the 20th. The “Doc” our captain, told us all to beat it and do our visiting before the 20th so most of the boys did.

    This is a good bunch we arw in. We dont have to go on the line at all, and still we can see how things are done. Don’t worry about German atrocities. There is no such thing. The word is used for a recruiting device. I have seen the same thing in the German papers about he English and French atrocities.

      Then the subs cant get us because a convoy of battleships always goes with the transports.

     It is hard to make you quit worrying by saying “Dont worry” I know, but you are braver than I expected. That’s the old fight! When I come back I’ll have some great old yarns to spin.

     I have left my stuff with Mrs. Harvey in Eugene, but if you want it I will send it home, although she said she would send it if you people wanted it. There is not much of anything valuable in it. I’ll send my suit-case home from Allentown when I get through with my clothes. I am going t try to take a jersey and some woolen socks along in addition to the army allowance.

     I saw Ray Andrews for the first time in about 4 years. He is going into the Navy with Earl who has left Canada and is in Colfax, Wash. on his way home.

    They wont get out of draft! Dont let them tell you that. The ones enlisting voluntarily make no difference in the size of the National army. And besides that, they are talking of filling up the regular army by draft as wall as the National. I know about that than most of these nuts, for I have information from the inside through Prixy Campbell of the U. who has talked to the big bosses of the thing at Washington.

    There was a kid here, who went to high school with me who has registered all the ways he could to get out of draft. he said he was a Quaker, which he isn’t. Married and that his wife is his wholly dependent upon him. It will go hard on him if he is caught at it.

     I thank you again for the draft.

     Oh – Doctor Rankin sends his regards to you folks and says to tell Dad that he still has his electric treatment. — He is going to France too.

I’ll quit now.

So long



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