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This is a serious question: how do you eat your M&M’s®?

I got to thinking about this question the other day while playing Spider Solitaire. I have this neurotic thing about how everything has to line up at the end of the Spider game (online). It all has to do with which suit gets completed first: Hearts. Then the next suit I have to complete MUST be Spades. Then Hearts, Spades, Hearts, Spades.

If I can’t line them up that way, I want to *at least* create a pattern: Hearts, Spades, Spades, Hearts, Hearts, Spades, Spades, Hearts. Or Spades, Spades, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Hearts, Spades, Spades (both ends are Spades). A random line up drives me nuts.

I do the same thing when playing straight Solitaire. If the first Ace is a Club, then the next Ace has to be either a Heart or a Diamond. Red-black-red-black, or black-red-black-red.

What does this have to do with colored chocolate morsels?

When I have a bag of M&M’s®, I pour them all out onto a napkin or little paper plate. Then I separate them by color. Brown is always the first color to get eaten. Then orange, yellow, green, or blue in some order. (Red is always last.) I can’t eat them randomly, or mix the colors. I used to work in an office where they would buy me the candy, just to make fun of the way I arranged them to eat.

Didn’t phase me.

I eat Skittles the same way. Or jelly beans.

So, the question remains: how do you eat your candy?

Better yet, do you make patterns when you play Solitaire?

The balance of life depends on your answers.


I think you can tell where this game is going…


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