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Dale’s travels have taken him from Newberg, Oregon; to Walla Walla, Washington; back home to Caryville, Wisconsin; back to Newberg, and now south to Eugene, where the University of Oregon awaits him. He’s held off jobs, scrimped and saved, begged for help, and now his fortunes have changed.









Eugene, Ore. Sept. 10, 1915

Dear Folks,

    I have been fortunate enough to find work. In fact I have more than I can do. First I found a place to work for meals in a boarding house run by two old maids. I have to clean up the yard and put in their wood for them, and after that is done I must wash the dishes. Then I got a job at a rooming house on a commission basis. When I take a man up there I get 20% of all they get out of him. Then I got a job for meals at a place near the U. washing dishes and waiting on table.

   Then I got a job for room, for working at the yard and wood for a while this fall. Of course the room stays mine even when I have no work to do. I must give away one of the jobs for meals, but I don’t know which one yet. I will have to flip a coin to find out, I guess. Did I say that those jobs were all I had to do? Perish the thought! I have a contract to put six cords of oak wood in Prof. Sheldon’s cellar. The consideration is $3.00. Do you think I can make wages at it? I have to wheel the wood about 75 feet and pile part of it.

    I haven’t seen Mildred yet. I asked about her at the library to-day, and they said that she had not yet returned. I suppose she went to Medford.

    I won’t be the only representative of Newberg this year as I was last. There are going to be several here, Dale Butt, two George boys, the Leavitt boys, a Jones that went to high school when I did, and some others too.

    I believe I shall get along better this year than I did last. They don’t heave the bull here like they do at Whitman. The school is bigger and better equipped than Whitman was, and there is a greater variety in courses.

    I have talked with Prof. Reddie. He wants me to enroll in his Dramatic Interpretation Course. He also told me to go get to the manager of the Eugene Theater and using his <Reddie’s> name, get a job as scene shifter. He said that that job would give me a chance to see all the theatricals that come through besides giving me a few cents.

    Now I believe I have told it all for this time. When you write tell all the news. You can just address your letters to Eugene and I will arrange to have them sent to me at whatever place I make my permanent lodging place.

Dale D. Melrose

I’d like to note that when Dale mentions “two old maids”, he means women who never married.

$3.00 in 1915 was quite a sum!

I will probably have to make a trip to Eugene to research some of Dale’s life… I wonder what I can bribe my OSU-loving (Beavers) husband to go on a field trip into “enemy” (Ducks) territory??

I’m not sure who Mildred is.

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