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It will probably take a few posts to wean my artsy stuff away from this blog and to my art blog (Two Crow Feather Woman), so bear with me, please.

I feel I can post this here, anyway, because I am making strides toward fulfilling my New Year’s Resolutions. And that’s important. See, every year in our first staff meeting of the year, whoever is leading the staff meeting goes around the room and asks for everyone’s resolutions. About half of us make resolutions. 99% of that half make resolutions that have to do with health: eat better, lose weight, walk more, take up some form of physical exercise. And 1% (that would be ME) always makes a list of artistic goals.

And after I list my goals to my captive audience, the moderator quickly skips to the next person, and no one ever revisits my goals. they talk about the healthy ones and how to achieve them and we’re given a pep talk on fulfilling corporate world dreams.

It really doesn’t bother me: I find it amusing that no one quite knows how to address my weirdness. I’m 55 years old and they still don’t know where I fit into their world. I keep them on their toes.

I posted this year’s resolutions on New Year’s Day.

Today I am 1/3 of the way closer to fulfilling my #2 and #4 resolutions.


I finished one magic wand.




I finished (I think) one faerie house. I haven’t blogged about the faerie house, but I will be posting the full details on my other blog. The only reason I bring it up here is because this blog gets a whole lot more traffic than my (up-to-now) neglected art blog, and I want to shunt some of the traffic here over to there.

That’s because this blog is really for other subjects and that one is devoted entirely to the creative process.

P.S. – the Owl’s Faerie House is subject to the glue. If Gorilla Glue doesn’t hold mama owl on top of the tree, then she will be moved to the ground and I will have to post all new photos. That is also why I haven’t written a blog post on the Owl Faerie House on my other blog (yet). It’s all subject to glue…


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