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I have a whole roll of film developed that I would like to give back to the photographer. Real film, real negatives. Old school.

Two weeks ago. Saturday. I was wearing my black windbreaker because there was a slight breeze and the temperature was a bit chilly. It was mid morning before I hooked Harvey to his leash and headed out. We decided to change it up a bit (“we” meaning “me” because Harvey doesn’t consciously think about things like “what direction will we walk this morning?”) and turned right out of the drive instead of left. The result was that we were walking south on Brighton Avenue when I noticed a disposable camera in the middle of the street.

Curious, I picked it up (there’s never much traffic, so standing in the middle of the street is a rather safe thing to do there). It had been run over at least once and the shell was cracked, not a good sign.

But — I placed it into the pocket of the windbreaker to minimize further damage to the film.

A week passed before I managed to take it in to develop the film, hoping something could be salvaged of someone’s photos. Another week passed before I returned to pick it up.

Not all of the photos could be saved, but enough were. Someone in Oregon City took a trip to La Pine and took a number of photos – possibly 4th of July photos because there was a parade. Then they camped at a lake. Happy photos. Photos snapped by a child. Some good, some just blurry nonsense.


This family.

I have posted this photo on Facebook. Now I am posting it on my blog. I will try Craigslist as well.

Do you know these people? I have their film and I just want to give it back to them. No strings. Just comment below and tell me who they are.


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