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I let the battery in my camera get low, so it is plugged into the recharger. I could pull the CF card and upload one of the two lousy pictures I have on it, but I decided to recycle an old pair of photos instead.

Favorite photos, of course.

A handsome Long-nosed Leopard Lizard lounging on black.

If I tell you what he’s lounging on, promise you won’t throw anything at me? It’s a dead cow.

We were on the Alvord desert, driving around past Micky Hot Springs when we came upon the carcass. It had been dead some time: it was past the bloat and stench: all that remained were the bones and the sunken hide hanging onto the frame of the bones, a number of blow flies (and probably their maggots as well, but I’m thinking the dead cow was well past the maggot stage and that lizard was getting fat on blow flies emerging from their cocoon stage) and this lizard.

The lizard wasn’t very shy. He had his spot, it was warm and there were plenty of bugs to eat. He was happy.

You can’t blame me for taking advantage of the photo opp.

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