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Random things.

Harvey hunts imaginary cats.

It is pretty funny. He comes to a perfect point and holds. Then he inches forward, slowly, deliberately, cautiously. He never loses his point until he gets to where he thinks the imaginary cat should be.

Then he tried to crawl under the fence.

Fortunately, he is 10 pounds overweight and can’t fit in a cat-sized hole.

Unfortunately, he is 10 pounds overweight and is now on a diet.

I was thinking about Llewellyn (English) Setters last night. When I was a little girl, I read all of the Big Red books by Jim Kjelgaard. Like so many others of my generation, I dreamed of owning an Irish Setter. I never dreamed there was a more beautiful setter out there until I met my first Gordon Setter.

And I never dreamed there was a more beautiful setter out there until I met my first English Setter.

Each time, I have been in love.

This is the first time I have actually owned a Setter. And he’s hysterical.

I told my husband tonight that I think Harvey is trying to push his way under my bamboo screen. But it isn’t the way you’d think: I formed the bamboo screen into an “L” shape: most of it screens the neighbor’s yard but there’s one section that blocks the narrow strip of our yard behind our shed. Guess which way Harvey is pushing?

Yep: he’s trying to “escape” into his own yard.

In other random news: The Anna’s hummingbird has been busy at the feeders and on the gladiolas. Unfortunately, I have not had a camera when the hummingbird is present. You just have to trust me that it is an Anna’s.

The goldfinches have nested somewhere nearby. Usually they move on. I have never kept thistle seed out for them during the summer but this year I have refilled the feeder once and it appears I will have to refill it a second time. This is exciting to me. They are bringing their fledglings to the feeder. Birds have a long genetic memory and I know I will have goldfinches every year now.

The towhee nested nearby, too.

I finally have a garden that attracts insects! When we first moved into this house the yard was sterile. We sat out in the yard and lamented the lack of insect life and bird sound. There were no bees, butterflies, or birds. We don’t use chemicals (or use them sparingly) and I’ve painstakingly planted to attract bees, butterflies and birds.

First the bees came: bumblebees, honey bees, other bees, wasps. I killed the yellow jackets. Sorry – some things just have to go. I allow the mud-daubers to stay.

Then came the birds. This is the first year that the hummingbirds and the goldfinches have stayed.And the first year the robins have discovered the bird bath.

And this year I have more butterflies than the little white cabbage moths (which are a pestilence, no matter how pretty).

And in another random note, Murphy thinks he is a human and he ought to be able to sit in the lawn chair. I think Wire-haired Pointing Griffons have a human complex.

Ummmmm Hello? I was just sitting there, Mr. Murphy!!

Isn’t it wonderful how butterflies can move only part of their wings?

Yes, I did get that close. Western Tiger Swallowtail.

I will be gone for a few days as my family reunion is happening at a resort along the coast. Don is staying home to dog-sit the dogs and will come up for one day.

I think that is it for random notes.

Just watch out for a Llewellyn Setter hunting imaginary cats!

And I thought Harvey the Pooka was imaginary!!

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