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A Fox News Anchor (Megyn Kelly) recently made the statement that Jesus was white and so is Santa Claus. I have been thinking about her assertions for the past two days. My gut reaction was to make fun of her. I’m not going to take Megyn Kelly apart here. She’s being vilified in enough places. And I find myself agreeing with Reza Aslan on the subject: Megyn’s Christ probably is white. (Follow the link and read the article on the Washington Post site). Instead, I think I’d just like to take the moment to share my own multi-cultural collection of historical figurines (yes, figurines – I’ve never actually seen Jesus or Santa).

I also want to confess that I thought the Virgin Mary was a blond-haired blue-eyed young woman for the first two decades of my life. Joseph, of course, always looked rather Jewish, with his long nose, tanned skin, and dark hair. It was only when I actually became a Christian and read the Bible in the context of the Middle-east that I realized Mary was most definitely not Aryan. She probably had a long nose, too, not the pert little nose of my childhood icon. And dark brown eyes, like my sister’s eyes.

Enter my collection of figurines representing the icons of debate:

I collect Nativities. Some of them are truly corny Nativities. But each is unique. I currently have 5, and each one shows a very different Jesus.


This is my oldest set. The two Wise Men were added to it last year (a gift from a friend at the office). My maternal grandmother painted Joseph, Mary, and the Babe and fired it at one of those pottery places.


In this Nativity, there is no telling what color skin Jesus had. Everything is brown. The only outstanding feature is that Jesus has lost both hands somewhere over the years. He’s at a disadvantage in life. I kind of like that message, and so I keep Him (besides, Grandma signed the pieces).


My department store Nativity set. My husband built the manger. The cow and the ass are not the same scale as the rest of the set. The shepherd boy is as tall as the Magi.


Jesus is a blonde-haired, pale white Babe. Mary, however, has darker skin and hair.


Here, Jesus is depicted as a Mowgli-sort of Babe, abandoned in the jungle and surrounded by the Animals who will protect and raise Him. He’s definitely African with dark skin and black curly hair.


This is the dorkiest Nativity (and so I just love it): Jesus is an Inuit Babe.


And here, the entire family looks to be very Palestinian.

Sadly, all my Santas are white.

017Especially the Lenox china ones. Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus.


A short, white Santa.


Not sure what skin color this Santa is. He almost looks more like a wizard.


And this Santa is more into catci and hot peppers than he is into icicles and holly.

I researched Saint Nicholas. He was born in Patara, which is part of modern-day Turkey. I suspect the original man who became the legend was probably a dark-skinned man with black hair. He lived in 200-343 AD, so there are no photographs available (imagine that). However, his legend was quickly adopted by the Dutch (Sinter Claus), and he began to morph into a rather Dutch-looking fellow. After he came to the Americas, he was immortalized in Clement Clark Moore’s poem (A Visit from St. Nicholas) as a “fat, jolly” soul. And, finally, cartoonist Thomas Nast drew him in a red suit with white fur trim. I don’t really think it matters who wears the red suit or what color his skin is (aren’t the elves Green?), as long as he can get in a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer who fly? And the lead reindeer had a red nose that glows. (That last reindeer, by the way, was discriminated against for the first few verses of his life – he is now “The Most Famous Reindeer of All”.)


(Gene Autrey – the best version EVER)

The one thing I think all people can agree on is this:


All SNOW MEN are WHITE (unless they are yellow, and then… well, nevermind).

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