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I told you about my friend’s book, but these are the current favorites in the Grandparents Presley’s household.

I wasn’t certain how “Guji Guji” would go over, but the last time I pulled it out to read to Zephan, he said, “Guji Guji!” and “Duck” over and over.

Don and I discovered this wonderful little story by way of Public Broadcasting. We were camped in the mountains, sitting in the cab of the rig to avoid mosquitoes, and picked up a PBS broadcast when the author of the story was being interviewed. The interviewer convinced Chih-Yuan Chen to read the book. He was so entertaining that we could practically see the woncerful illustrations. Guji Guji is a crocodile who is raised by a mother duck as her own off-spring. He doesn’t even know he is different until he is confronted by three very bad crocodiles who want to eat his duck family. Guji Guji makes a very brave decision and saves the day. And it is all told without preaching – just a fun book with great illustrations. Written & Illustrated by Korean-American Chih-Yuan Chen.

“The Tickle Monster” is also a sleeper. I saw it at a card store and had to have it for grandchildren. The first couple read-throughs, I wasn’t certain that Zephan was getting the story. It’s a sing-song rhyme story with plenty of opportunity to pause and tickle, starting with footsies and ending with full body tickle. Cute art and a monster-type character from outer space (I thought Zephan would confuse the Tickle Monster with Terrible Rawrs).

Nope: Zephan knows the Tick-o  book is different from Terrible Rawrs. I had to read it to him twice tonight and he had to read it to me once. You can buy the book by itself or buy a “Tickle Monster” kit (why? Do people really lack the imagination to become a Tickle Monster by themselves and they need props? Guess so. I didn’t fork over the additional money for something I could do on my own). Book is by a Seattle author & mother, Josie Bissett & illustrated by another Seattle resident, Kevan J. Atteberry.

Both of those books are available at bookstores.

And the last… Maurice Sendak’s classic which in our house has been renamed, “Rawr, Terrible Rawr!”

Javan looks up from whatever it is he is doing when we get to the classic lines, “And they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes…”  Zephan curls his hands into claws and growls fiercely, “Rawr, teh-ble rawr! Rawr, teh-ble rawr!”

When they have to go upstairs to bed, Zephan cries down to us, “Nite-nite monsers! Nite-nite Teh-ble rawrs! Nite-nite Tick-o monser!” Over and over and over until he is in his bedroom.

If you do anything for a child, read to him or her. Read, read, read.

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