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I am soooo excited. I got to add a bird to my life list. And the better part of that is this: I was at work when this transpired.

My walking partner came in to my little cubicle to tell me there was a “young goose out there with the older geese.” She went on to explain that the young goose was smaller and didn’t have a black head like the other geese.

Of course, I had to go look. And fortunately I had my camera.

He was there, all right, hanging out with the Big Guys (the Canada geese) who were not at all impressed with my need to get close enough for a good photo of the New Kid in town.

The Canada geese were giving me the Evil Eye while the New Kid just grazed along, showing off his pink legs and bill.

My first thought was that it was a domestic goose somehow mixed in with the wild geese, but I did a quick Internet search and discovered it was not a domestic goose at all.

It is a Greater White-fronted Goose. This goose does have the black mottlings on the breast, but I could never get close enough to get a good enough photo. The Canada geese were always between us and acting very territorial (they are wild enough birds that I could call their bluff, but I didn’t want to send my littler goose flying, too).

He must have blown in with the storm. What else to do than hang out with the cousins until the weather changes and he can fly back to the coast and the salt marshes he likes?

I’m pretty darn excited. So was my co-worker when she found out this wasn’t a baby goose at all, but somebody new.

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