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I had the privilege of corresponding with a second grade boy this past school year. It was part of a school project, and I didn’t expect to receive anything out of it beyond the occasional letter, and maybe hope for it to continue on long after the school year. My final letter from the school project arrived earlier this week, this time in a large manila envelope. There was a book inside the envelope.

002When My Grandma was Young

By Zephania (sic)

003When my grandma was young she played with her cousins. And she put black olives on her fingers and ate them.

004She had a cat named Jacob and a dog named Butchy.

005She also liked art and liked to play outside.

006When my grandma was young she pretended to be horses and played army with her brother.

007When my grandma was young she was an angel in every church play every year.

008When my grandma was young she was shy and had a first grade teacher named Mrs. Jolly.

009She cleaned the house every night for her mom.

010Her birthday is on November 2nd.

011She had a T.V. that was black and white.

012Her house was pink when she was little. It had a vegetable garden and a strawberry patch.

013She caught bugs in jars.

014She came to see me in Alaska and I went to see her in Oregon. Now my Grandma likes her garden. THE END

(Love how there are oranges and bananas in the garden)

Now, because I know Zephaniah’s parents are good parents, that is as much of my blog as they will show him. But there’s a little “truth in reporting” disclaimer here.

olivesI believe I taught all of my grandkids (who have ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner with me) this unique talent:

how to eat black olives properly.

cousinsI love how big my cousin’s nose is. I haven’t decided which cousin that is, but it’s most likely Janis, as we are closest in age and Teressa isn’t on Facebook for me to Tag). So, Janis it is.

jacobI should have mentioned that Jake was black and white.

butchyButch was black and white, too.

I love his teeth.

terryWhat my brother will do with this, I don’t know. I’m not going there. I just want to say my Howitzer is…

Shoot. I can’t do this.

Sorry, Z.

Some day, you will understand, Z.

cleaningI was Cinderella. I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned the house every night for my mother.

She just rolled over in her grave.

eightAwwww… 8 years old is how old Z is. I get to be 8 in his book.

tvThis is a black and white TV in the mind of a child who has never watched anything in black and white.

Yup. That was my childhood TV.

pink houseNot a bad rendition of the very large, concrete, and PINK house that I grew up in.

And almost as scary.

It was haunted.

It stood out.

bug1 bug2Bug One and Bug Two. I think Bug Two is a spider.

This is highly accurate, except that I used a Kill Jar with carbon tetrachloride that we bought over the counter at the local pharmacy/soda bar. We’d have a cream soda at the same time. I’ll let you look Carbon Tet up. Trust me when I say that you cannot purchase it over the counter nowadays. But neither can you chase the DDT sprayer down the street so you’d be mosquito-proof for a few days (or until Mom made you bathe), and we used to do that, too.

mapIf you look carefully at the map, Z penciled in the route to Alaska from here, by car.

That’s pretty freaking awesome.

Thank you, Zephaniah, for preserving my history.

I will need this when they put me into a nursing home and I want to remember my childhood.

I love you to Infinity and Beyond!

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