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I had Friday off. It wasn’t for fun that I had Friday off, but on-going research into the deep mystery of the Kidney Stone That Will Not Be Moved (I had a procedure called an IVP which is, simply put, a series of x-rays taken while an iodine dye solution courses through my kidneys.

But that is not what I am going to bore you with.

Since I had the day off and we were on the tail end of one whopper of a “Pineapple Express” (which followed our brush with snow), I knew that the Willamette River would be running high and it might be a good time to go down and take a few photos. I was not the only person who thought it would be fun to stand and watch big trees cascade down the Willamette Falls: the little parking lot overlooking the falls from Highway 99 was packed with sight-seers.

Willamette Falls is the second-largest water falls in the USA and 18th largest in the world (the latter is by volume, not size).

This is what the Falls look like on a nice day (photo was taken 11/11/2009).

This is what they looked like yesterday, as the river was working its way up flood levels. The most recent article I read put the Willamette at 64′, which is just shy of major flood stage (67′).

Panorama of a calm Willamette Falls (November 2009).

Compared to the flood stage Willamette Falls.

And then, because I am such an astute sort of person, it dawned on me that my new camera also takes video. VIDEO.  As in, I could take an amateur video of the flood…


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