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I have never quite figured out what these beasts are in the faerie kingdom, but they are quite simple creatures and rather aboriginal. They have always been at Faerieworlds, so far as I know.

They move around the venue, piling straw into nests and heart-shaped circles. They seem to live on fruits (watermelon is an obvious favorite), but they have long fangs and act threatening when they feel threatened. I believe they are quite harmless, more shy than dangerous.

Pardon the background noises, but I thought it wise to include the sounds of Faerieworlds (note that darn parrot in there!)

Then there is this Forest denizen. I want to call him The Green Man, but he isn’t quite that. More of a Moss Man.

He is also quite harmless (as you can tell by his interaction with the Faerie). I had to cut the video short because the Clueless walked in front of me and then just stopped. But you get the idea.

And there are the dancers.

It is difficult to get close enough to the main stage to capture the hedonistic dancers: too many, too crowded, and too many watchers. But this young faerie was off to the side, entirely lost in the music and the beauty of her own wings.

There is no sound because I do not own the rights to the music being played (Trillium Green was the band) and also because the young faerie stands on her own as a dancer without the music. You can feel it in her movements.

Occasionally, she would pause and watch her wings settle, smile in exhilaration and then begin her dance again.

She reminded me of the wee faeries that rise over a still water on a warm spring eventide, flitting up and down amongst the rise of Mayflies, Damselflies, and Stoneflies.

And that is a brief glimpse into Faerieworlds from my camera.

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