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Ms. Danu Saturnfly and I flitted ourselves on down to Eugene, Oregon, to join the dozens of other Fey Folk in a celebration of everything Faerie and Magickal.

It was unfamiliar territory for both of us: I did not know the way and Ms. Danu had never been to Faerieworlds. We only made two wrong turns and both were easily corrected. Hooray for a good navigator and an innate sense of direction!

My dear friend, Lady Mary Foley, was there with some wee-folk  (grandchildren) and the Leprechaun, Walter O’Shaughnessy. (I may have spelled Walter’s name incorrectly, but I did me best)

       This Gallivanting Fox of a Fellow was only quite happy to pose for the camera. I didn’t ask where he was headed with that axe… But he had such a happy little jaunt in his step. Step in his jaunt?

I loved her wings. I had to edit her companion out of the photo, however: such a sour and angry face! It was very out-of-place with the event, so I simply made her disappear!


At Faerieworlds, all manner of people get along for the day. Here was have a Satyr sauntering along with a Pirate & Wench, a sort of Knight (?) and a… Steampunk?

More beautiful wings on the faerie on the right. The Red Faerie seems to be admiring those wings as well.

The “self-proclaimed” Wizard of Faerieworlds made a loud and disastrous entrance into the Realm. But I did like the Fey behind him, to the right, walking away past the May Pole.

    There are so many things I could say about this young Barbarian. Bad posture. Great personality. He was quite the charmer. And I have no idea how he kept his skin so shiny white in the sun that beat down on us. Besides his tats, he was showing off his Pacific Northwest “Moon-tan”.

Some Beautiful Faeries! (Note the Fey in the top hat,  far left corner – I never did see her smile and she managed to fit herself into several photos of mine.)

Why, there she is, up close! And still frowning!

And again!

This Bad Faerie has captured a… I’d say a Faun, but he’s hidden his hooves inside of Tennis Shoes!

More lovely wings. We don’t ask about the thong…

These Faeries were traveling together. They were all quite sweet (and admired my home-grown wings as well).

“Oh! I put these on and suddenly I feel like I am making sense of the world!” she exclaimed. A moment later, she removed the glasses and uttered, “Oh, my! Suddenly I feel like I have no brain!”

It is not unusual to see a Unicorn in the Realm.

My Faire Fey companion, Ms. Danu Saturnfly.

 The Male Faeries were diverse as well: Simply adorned to flashy grins and wings!


Ready for War.

I kept hearing a sharp bird cry. I do not know how many times I looked at this Wood Elf, trying to determine the origination of the bird call. Can you see it? Atop his head!

(Quit looking at the background! I have video of the Aboriginal Faeries for another post)

    The parrot was not intimidated by the Barbarian Vampires.

At 3:00 PM (more or less, since we were on an Adventure), we met with the Ladies Mary Foley (left) and Desdemona (far right) for High Tea under the canopy in the Campground. Besides myself (Ms. Rose Bindweed) and my guest, Ms. Danu Saturnfly, we were graced with the presence of a French Faerie (with the Pixie hat) and her companion Faerie from the North Aegean Sea. Sadly, I do not recall their (foreign) names.

I do, however, recall their mission: they are guardians of the Park on Mt. Pisgah and take great care to protect the native flora of the area.

Many other fey folk paused to watch us as we partook of the wonderful spread provided by Lady Mary Foley (cucumber-and-cream cheese sandwiches, fruit, hot tea and wonderful desserts). One rather bold Barbarian even approached to remark how wonderful it was that we could pause to have High Tea. Then she curtsied!

More Faeries traversing the Pathway to the Village away from the Realm. I believe the Barbarian in the Utili-kilt was jealous of the leg-extensions!

A curtsey at the end of a dance.

A Norse Faerie with a Faerie… Raven? They were well-put together!

     The Gypsies learned Caravan Art from the Faeries. Or perhaps it is the other way around? There was a strong Gypsy influence on the traveling homes of the Fey.

  A typical Merchant booth in the Realm. This year, the merchants were – by and large – quite friendly and quite happy to please. There were a couple exceptions (like the booth that would not post price tags nor quote you a price until you picked out a dress), but for the most part… The merchants were there for the Faerie Consumer.

Ms. Rose Bindweed poses with her new Faerie boots, courtesy of the aforementioned Fey Merchant (a local Eugene artist – Faerie Toes)

Many business cards were collected and a list of links will be provided at the end of this post.

  Faerieworlds did take place in the Pacific Northwest.

Before I post the next photo, I need to tell the reader about “code-words”. When my niece first came to live with me (she was 10), she had no “filter”. We were at an antiques expo in Portland and she was quite taken by the “People of Walmart” who showed up. I pulled her aside and explained the need for a filter and we agreed upon a code-word for “LOOK! BAD DRESS!! FASHION FAUX-PAS!!” That code-word is “Pickle”

My Companion said, “Pickle.”

The Pickle is on the left. Fortunately, this year, there were not too many of these.

“Pickle” indeed.








My friend, Ms. Danu Saturnfly (also a co-worker) wants to revisit Faerieworlds in the future. I believe I have not only a convert to the Realm of Fey but a good friend. It was a very good day.



I was going to provide more links but it would seem that an awful lot of Faerieworlds Vendors do not update their Etsy shops or websites. Too bad. their loss.

In all, it was a Very Good Day. And, boy – were my wings tired by the time I got home!

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