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From Ghost Train to Gollum

The Trickster came to meet Chrystal and I long before we crossed into Nevada from California. If Raven is an omen, there may be some truth to his presence on the outset of our trip to Ely. He was certainly a help as we had certain tasks that required delicate negotiations.

The back wall of an old building in Ely. The freight doors are at wagon height. The old coal shoots are covered up.

Earthquake damage on the same old building. There were cracks in the bricks on the other side of the same back wall. I wouldn’t want to be standing in the alley if/when some shaking starts in!

No, John, those tires will NOT hold air.

Terry’s old Jeep trailer.

Don’t ask. The only thing cool in this photo is the old truck cab. This isn’t somewhere out in the sagebrush but it is in my dad’s yard. Or what used to be my dad’s yard.

Old wheel in the middle of the asparagus patch.


Dad never even started it up again after Mom died in 1995.

Too many memories.

On a happier note: the display at Nevada Northern Railway.

#40 was running on the Ghost Train tours! This is my favorite engine of all the ones they have at Nevada Northern. Many years ago, #40 was involved in a terrible wreck (no people were injured) that nearly totaled the engine. It was so wonderful to see her out and steaming while we were in Ely. I almost think my dad smiled from Heaven when she blew her beautiful whistle. I will miss Nevada Northern a whole lot. If you are ever in Ely, Nevada, it is worth your time to take the train ride up to Ruth and back.

Sisters. Chrystal, age 20, and Jessica, age 13.

Looking at this photo, I am shocked at how white Chrystal is. Too much time in the Pacific Northwest has given her a Moon Tan. Jessica obviously spends more time out under the Nevada sun.

One of those girls spends a lot more time in front of a camera than the other. Bet you can’t guess who has done a little modeling?

Yeah, totally shows.

Nevada at 85 miles per hour.

No, I was not driving. Terry was.

I love how the landscape seems to stand still.

I love Highway 50.

We left Reno late in the day on Sunday. Chrystal and I drove north with two trunks and a few other items. I still have to return to Reno to get my belongings, but next trip will not be a whirlwind trip to Ely to deal with unpleasantries.

We drove north out of Reno to Susanville and across the Cascades just south of Mt. Shasta. Somewhere between Susanville and Weed, I noticed a strange phenomenon along the side of the highway, just over the white stripes: small insects hovering in the evening sunshine, looking strikingly like the mist from a soaker hose. Just in case I was hallucinating, I pointed it out to Chrystal.

She saw it, too.

We merged onto I-5 just south of Weed. Somewhere north of Yreka, Chrystal got out her digital camera and started scanning the horizon for the dragon.

I was passing a series of semis when we saw it. I braked and swerved into the slow lane behind the semi I was passing so Chrystal could snap a photo of it. Not bad for 60 miles per hour. (photo courtesy of Chrystal Wilcox)

We made it to Medford before dark. Bought coffee and gas. The little girl working the Starbucks counter at the Fred Meyer even worked overtime to make us coffee: we arrived right at 7:00 when she was closing shop. She couldn’t take a tip, but I hope she knows how much we appreciated her!

It was dark from Medford on. Winding through the mountain passes, we came on yet another strange phenomenon: a cell or radio tower glowing from the top of a dark mountain peak.

I turned to Chrystal and said, “Do you suddenly feel like a Hobbit on your way to Mordor?”

And the Zombie in the seat next to me smiled and said, “Gollum.”

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