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Keep this recipe: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide + 1/4 cup baking soda + 1 tsp Dawn dish detergent.

I post that just in case the reason you are reading this blog post is because it is 3AM and you’ve been suddenly awakened by the night’s crisis. You won’t have to read through the entire blog to find the recipe. There it is.

“Jaci, Murphy’s been sprayed by a skunk.”

I sat up in bed and said, “Huh?” But I’d heard him. He didn’t have to repeat it. I needed to pee, so I stumbled to the bathroom. UGH. That’s where he was keeping the dog. OMG. He brought the dog in the house. Somehow I managed to do what I needed to do and escape the bathroom without letting the dog loose or losing my sense of smell forever.

I charged upstairs to my computer and typed in a few key words, scanned the first three results, made mental notes, and bounced back down while listening to my husband explain the situation. We only had a pint of hydrogen peroxide.

Back up the stairs after I shoved my husband into the bathroom with his dog and a mixture that was more of a pint+ quarter + dollop than it was exact measurements. Read that you can substitute watered down vinegar. So, back down the stairs, and mixed a pint of vinegar with a pint of water, then dumped in a quarter cup of baking soda. One pint boiled out and over the counters and down onto the floor. The remaining pint got passed into the bathroom before I cleaned up the mess.

It was three in the morning.

No tomato sauce. I made my own last autumn and froze it; we’re fresh out. I passed a can of tomatoes with green chiles through the door (“don’t get it in his eyes”).

One more weary trip up the stairs (after having mopped the kitchen floor with an old towel). “Then give the dog a bath in pet shampoo.”

I opened the bathroom door in time to see the dog shake tomato mixture and water all over the walls. “He has to have a regular shampoo now.”

“But the drain is plugged with tomato pieces…”

UGH. Three in the morning. One roll of paper towels and a full wastebasket later, I let them resume their shower routine.

In the end, the dog smelled fresh. He had taken a glancing blow, and the bonsai trees in their pots had absorbed the greater part of the spray. The dog wanted back out. NO.

I spent a restless night. Tried to sleep in the loft, but the smell drifted up and through the closed window. The bedroom window was open: the smell drifted around the house and wafted in through the window. I closed the window. I dreamed of skunks. I got up at 7:30 – on a Saturday! – and made coffee. Husband was still snoring. This time, I let the dog out. And smelled the reek all along the bonsai trees by the back door.

We won’t talk about the smell in the bathroom.

At least, I’d washed all the towels and out clothes. I poured more soap in and ran them through the washer, again.

Later, I washed all the walls in the bathroom with soap and water, then with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Don burned incense. The oil permeated the room, but it smells better. Either that, or my nose is inured to the aroma now.

What happened was less miserable than “what could have happened” (just in case you are now chuckling at my misery, which I know you are). The dog – Murphy – cornered a black and white cat in the yard. One of my little garden fences separated them. Donald had to haul Murphy off of the cat. The cat escaped, alive (and, hopefully, unscathed). Half an hour later, Murphy spied what he thought was the cat back in the yard.

That smell. I don’t know when it will wash off of the bonsai trees or the fence or whatever the skunk got before the blast hit Murphy in the face. The house still has a slight musky odor to it.

Here’s the recipe, again: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide + 1/4 cup baking soda + a teaspoon of Dawn liquid dish detergent. Don’t try to purchase it all at one store. Spread it out. Also, it doesn’t work well if your dog gets a direct hit (Murphy was lucky and scored a glancing hit). Don’t let the dog into the house. Personally, the dog deserves a cold bath at that point. Also – wear clothes you don’t care about when you bathe the dog. I’ve heard you may never get the smell out of the clothes.

It doesn’t hurt to toss in some tomato sauce.

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