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030This one page in my great grandmother’s scrapbook tells a story of one veteran’s short service.


Former University Student Dies Suddenly; Complication of Diseases Thought Cause.

Dale D. Melrose, a junior at the University last year, died very suddenly at American Lake, where he is a member of the 361st ambulance corps. The cause of death is thought to be due to scarlet fever and a throat trouble, probably diphtheria, which must have developed very quickly, for the 028boy was here on a visit two weeks ago, and seemed well then.

Dr. William Kuykendall, who returned Thursday noon from American Lake where he visited his sons, Lieutenant Robert and Captain John E., of the corps of which young Melrose was a member, believes death was caused from a complication of diseases, as he died the next day after being taken ill. He reported on the sick list Monday morning, but did not 027seem to be especially ill and was reported back for duty. He was sent to the hospital again Tuesday morning, and walked to the building, a distance of two or three blocks. He died about five o’clock in the afternoon. An examination was made after death but the result had not been given out when Dr. and Mrs. Kuykendall left.

The camp was quarantined early in the week. “It is believed,” said Dr. Kuykendall, “that none of the boys were seriously exposed to the disease, and , although they are at present in quarantine as a means of safety, they will likely be released next Monday if no further cases result.”

Young Melrose was born at Careyville (sic) Wisconsin, October 3, 1895. His parents were for some time residents of Newberg, and the boy 026attended the University of Oregon and the Eugene Bible University. Mr. and Mrs. D.G. Melrose*, the parents, have moved back to Careyville. While in the University, Dale was quite prominent in dramatic productions.

~~~~~~*P.G. Melrose – not the only error in reporting in the three obituaries saved.

Word was recieved this morning by Superintendent Stanbrough from J. H. Pruitt, formerly a teacher in the Newberg high school, but now in the service at American Lake, that Dale Melrose, a former newberg high school boy in the service, died there of a complication of scarlet fever and diphtheria. Young Melrose graduated in the class of 1914 and at that time his parents lived here Subsequently, they moved to Wisconsin 025and the son became a student in the state university at Eugene. He enlisted from Eugene. He was a very popular student of great promise and his many friends here will regret to learn of his untimely death.

~~~~~The Melroses moved back to Wisconsin prior to 1911

Funeral of Dale Melrose.

            The body of the late Dale Melrose of Rock Falls was laid to rest in the Rock Falls cemetery Wednesday afternoon. The funeral was held at the Rock Falls church, the Rev. William T. Angus of this city officiating.

Dale Melrose was born at Rock Falls October 3, 1895. In August 1910 he went to Newberg, 024Oregon, where he has since resided. He was awarded a scholarship at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash., upon graduation from high school at Newberg. After finishing the freshman year at Whitman, he entered the university (sic) of Oregon at Olympia*, where he won many honors for scholarship, and from which institution he would have been graduated from this year, had he not answered his country’s call last August. He enlisted in the Ambulance Corps, and was stationed at Camp Lewis, near Tacoma, Wash. His ability was recognized and he was appointed by officers to teach French to the officers, which he answered the call of his supreme commander and went to his 023heavenly reward, Dec. 18. He was a member of the Presbyterian church at Newberg, Ore.

Card of Thanks

    Mere words cannot express our gratitude to the many friends and neighbors for the comfort and aid they have rendered us during our berevement (sic), the loss of our beloved son and brother, Dale Melrose. Out of your hearts came your motives to aid and comfort, and from the depths of our hearts we give you thanks. We thank the Rev. Wm. T. Angus for his words of comfort, the choir, and the many others who did what they could for us in our time of sorrow. We thank the members of the company back in Camp Lewis, Washington to which Dale belonged, 022for their floral tribute they sent as a token of their respect, and a symbol of their love for their departed comrade. We thank you all.

Philip Melrose

Mary Melrose

John Felrose**

~~~~~*University of Oregon is in Eugene, Oregon, not Olympia, Washington. **Felrose? Really? Apparently, the newspaper in Eau Claire did not employ type readers.

The story does not end here. There are more letters to my great grandparents, questions, and an official inquiry into the cause of death. I will post those things in the next few days, 021but for now, I want to leave the Reader with the bits of poetry Mary Brown Melrose put in her scrapbook on this one page dedicated to her oldest son.

Oregana obit

Crossing The Bar

Sunset and evening star,

And one clear call for me!

And may there be no moaning of the Bar

When I put out to sea.


For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place

The flood may bear me far,

020I hope to see my Pilot face to face

When I have crost the bar.



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