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What a chance photo! I was on my walk with my coworker around the ponds, looking for something to capture on film. There was a dragonfly hovering in the sedge grass, but it seemed much to wary to sneak up to. Then I saw this damselfly clinging to the grass.

My coworker didn’t see it and thought I was nuts, trying to take a photo of the grass. When I pointed it out to her, all she could say was, “HOW did you see that!?”

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just tuned in to insects. That’s a pretty non-descript damselfly. I wouldn’t even try to identify it as plain as it is. All I know is that it is a damselfly, not a dragon fly (note how the wings are held parallel to the body).

I tried “enhancing” the photo, but it’s still a plain insect:

Fragile and delicate. I love insects!

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