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002001I know where Dale went after the summer of 1914 – he enrolled at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. His correspondence back home to the family in Wisconsin picks up in February of 1915, and includes a report card. Postage was $.02.

Prentiss Hall, Feb. 27 1915

Dear Folks,

I suppose you are just starting for Portland when you get this. You can write to me before when you get my next letter so that I can tell where to address the following ones. I suppose you will stay at Meridean until you can go home though. You will have lots of sport telling yarns to the folks back there. All I want to go back to that country for is the fin I can have telling yarns to those folks.

We are having fine spring weather up here. I guess that winter must be about over with. You will kind of miss the Oregon spring when you hit the East in a snowstorm wont(sic) you?

I will send the card back now that I have the averages.

Whitman won the championship in debate over the University and Washington State College last night by two unanimous decisions.

Tell John that he is going to learn German next summer. I have several german(sic) books that fellows have given me and I think that I will get grammar a great deal more firmly in mind by teaching it to someone else. John can learn a foreign language a great deal better and easier now than he can later.

Well I hope you have a good trip, and that you do not get home in the middle of a blizzard. I must close now and write to Brown.

Dale Dale Melrose

Dale was five years older than John. He would turn 20 in March of 1915; John (Grandpa Melrose) would be 15 a few months later.

My curiosity is piqued as to why the family is traveling to Portland, Oregon, when Dale is in Walla Walla, Washington. There were no freeways, but surely… Walla Walla is eastern Washington and they would not be so far away if they took US 30 across. Conversely, if they took US 10 and than 295 south from Spokane, they would go right through Walla Walla.

NatlPtoP_1927_mapOf course, I am overlooking that they were probably traveling west to visit Uncle Ern, my great great grandmother’s brother.

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