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HA! Cornell Lab of Ornithology is questioning my identification of a Cassin’s Vireo. Now, I probably should be all nervous and upset, but I am pretty durned excited.

I sent them both photos I took of the bird in question.

This one – which is the one I posted in my blog the other day.

And this one, which I didn’t post because it is too fuzzy. It’s still good enough to prove my point (I think).

I told the Lab that I am 95% sure of my ID, but if they have a different ID, I would love to hear back from them. After all, they are the bird experts. If I am right, I get to add Cassin’s Vireo to my life list.

I don’t have an official count on my birding life list – I keep it for fun, not competition with other birders.

I will keep you posted on this breaking news.

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