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I put myself out there tonight (and over the weekend). I went to two events (the latest was tonight) where I knew NOONE. The first was fairly intimate (four people) and I at least had a name in common with one person. Tonight was really out there, for me.

When I was younger, I could do this.

Or maybe, I just didn’t realize the cost.

There were about ten women who showed up, all strangers to me, and some already connected to each other. I stayed for two hours, and they were still going strong. I learned a lot about selling my art.

But I just spent 3 hours playing stupid games, just to relax. The Introvert in me, and the HSP, is all aroused and on edge. Too many new people, too much small talk. I am exhausted.

I learned so much, I took so many notes (but why am I the only artist in the room doodling in my notebook? Seriously – I stole looks at everyone else’s notes and NOONE was doodling. Except me).

I decided, during the first half, that I would never go back. By the end of the second half, I regretted not bringing my own art samples along and telling my husband that I would be REALLY late. I will go back. With samples. And with the understanding that I will be really late getting home.

Backing up – I went to a meeting on Saturday that was very intimate and designed more toward visioning. I felt connected immediately. The speaker admitted to being aintrovert right off the bat. I will definitely be back to that group.

This is hard: putting myself out there as an artist.

Thank you for being faithful followers of me as a writer (even if you consistently refuse to comment). I appreciate that you follow this introvert person.

And, seriously. Comment. Let’s become internet friends. I can deal with friends who are “imaginary”.



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