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Tomorrow, this photo will be removed from the company website. I have mixed feelings about that.

I made the choice.

I have been with this company for 14 years. FOURTEEN! That’s unheard-of in my work history: prior to this company, I worked a maximum of three years at any job I held and then I moved on. I got bored and the job became stale.

Fourteen years! I never even thought of changing jobs for the first 12 years – I loved it. Then the corporate office moved to a different location. It was easy at first: my first position was five miles from home. My second position was 13 miles from home. The switch from the east side of Portland to the west side was only made because the commute was the same distance: 13 miles. The last move added 9 miles to my commute.

22 miles is not a big deal to a Nevada girl. 22 miles = 22 minutes. OK, 25, but maximum 30.

22 miles in the metro area is a different creature altogether. On a good day, I can make it in 30-35 minutes. That’s no one else on the freeways and over-the-speed limit driving. I travel three different highways: I-205, I-5, Hwy 217. Alternatively, I can come up Hwy 99E, go through downtown Portland, and catch Hwy 26. Six of one/half a dozen of the other.

Today I made it home in an hour and a half. 90 minutes of my life, my marriage, my free time – spent in traffic. I put my car in park twice.

I can head out with all the little traffic lines in green on the Internet, but five minutes into the drive there’s a wreck on the fly-over ramp and a 45 minute delay that turns into a 90-minute commute.

If it was just me, maybe I could live with that, but it isn’t. My husband recently retired and the time I spend away from home between work and commute is time that I do not have to spend with my husband. I own pets, specifically a very needy and emotional dog (there are two dogs in the household and both greet me with enthusiasm, but let’s be honest – one dog is my husband’s dog and one is mine. The dogs know the difference). After a 90-minute drive one way, I have nothing left to give, emotionally or otherwise. I’m exhausted and I want to hide in a hole for the rest of the night. Others may have different “mileage” on this, but for me – it’s a KILLER.

I started looking as soon as we moved, but I felt that I had the time to be patient, cautious, and very, very, very picky. Whatever job came along had to be “perfect” because the job I was leaving was with such wonderful people. I did not apply very often and most of the time when I did, I quickly withdrew the application. It wasn’t right.

Well, that job found me. Or I found it. More on that in another post.

I applied, I was given an offer, I accepted. It is three miles from my house.

Tomorrow is the last day I make that 22-mile commute (one way). I leave behind a plethora of beloved real estate agents and friends.

I want to thank the family of Prudential Northwest Properties (now Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices) for the past fourteen years. I wish the best for all of you. Thank you, especially, to founder Bert Waugh Jr.

Last, a little plug for something very near and dear to Bert’s heart: Transitional Youth.

Please take the time to follow the link and read up on TY. Portland, Oregon, has the highest rate of homeless youths in the Nation. Bert is making a difference.

Thank you to all the Brokers and employees at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices who have made the past fourteen years such an amazing adventure of my life. If you are already a friend of mine on Facebook, we will remain friends. I appreciate you so very much!

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I am sitting on pins and needles. It is really hard to be calm right now. I keep having to remind myself to breathe in and out slowly: no hyperventilating.

No, it is not the prospect of getting to meet Cary Elwes (aka The Dread Pirate Roberts) on December 17th at the Powell’s Book Store in Cedar Hills). I mean, that’s a HUGE event for me and I’m over the moon with excitement about that. I have The Princess Bride memorized. I own the book. I belong to an online home school support group and we have all watched the movie countless times. I can quote it. Everyone in my home loves The Princess Bride. Going to see Cary Elwes is going to be a family affair.

An aside: he is promoting his new book, “As You Wish”.

No, despite the thrill that meeting one of the actors in my favorite movie of all time, I have an even greater reason to be hyped up and excited.

The problem is, I can’t really discuss it right now. And that is why I am sitting on pins and needles. I just want to share what is up and coming in my near future, but I feel a heavy rein of restraint on me because it involves a lot of people, not a little bit of P.R., and some very major changes.

It’s all good.

So let’s discuss Cary Elwes instead. (Didn’t see that coming, did you?)

He was scheduled to be here a couple of weeks ago, but that date had to be changed. I learned of the date change from an internet friend I was meeting for lunch. OhMyGosh! I got to meet yet another internet friend!


I don’t know how long I have known Elisabeth McGinn, but it has probably been close to a decade or more. She belonged to the homeschool support group i am still a member of. She is an accomplished artist and art teacher, and getting to meet her in person – over the top.


This gem belongs to me. Moi. “This Moo’s for You” by Elisabeth McGinn, autographed on the back. <gush, gush,gush>

By the way, I’m the woman in the photo with the hopeless head of dark, thin, wispy hair. I don’t mind so much until I’m posed next to someone who looks like she has it all together in the fashion department, and then I groan inwardly.

Why me? Why did I get that horrid thin hair? Not that it matters in the long run and it doesn’t affect my self-esteem that much, but some days… I wish I was bald! Or I had my beautiful, long, thick hair back. Neither one of those options is viable, so I live with Old Lady Hair.

I get to meet Cary Elwes! I’ll have Old Lady Hair, but – dang! – he’s probably aged a lot since he filmed The Princess Bride, too. I know Mandy Patinkin doesn’t look anything like Inigo Montoya now.

I need to concentrate on that event and not on the second, but more important date. The date everything changes.

It’s really hard because I am really excited. This is a huge change coming up and it is just in time for Christmas.

Breathe in/Breathe out.


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