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Camellia Gone Mad

I spent a very productive day today between getting my pick-up through DEQ (flew right on through: yay!), grocery shopping, Spring cleaning (it is Spring now), and doing a wee bit of gardening. In the next few days, I’ll show you some of the stuff I dredged up in my Spring cleaning (I pulled out four boxes of old art work dating back to my junior high years and all the way to the present!), but tonight I’m just going to blog about gardening.

I planted the last of the gladiolus bulbs and while I was at that, I weeded the north flower bed. I pulled out as much of the “weed guard” I had in there as I could, taking a whole lot of weeds out at the same time. I’ve decided the weed guard is more hassle than it is worth and it seems to promote weeds. “Whatever.” Then I edged the flower bed.

While it was productive, it wasn’t photo-worthy.

I’ve decided the next nice day for weeding, I will start to tackle the unruly mess in my southwest corner as I am preparing to spend money on new plants to put in there. Lots of flowers. But that isn’t photo-worthy either (it’s just a mess).

The center flower bed doesn’t need much weeding and the peonies are only leafy at present. Not much to photograph there.

In fact, there’s not a whole lot to take pics of in my yard at present.

Except for this.

That is a camellia gone mad. It is so heavy with blossoms that the branches are dragging. The mess underneath it is just beginning to get into swing. But aren’t those blooms temporarily gorgeous?

I walked around it to get a different view.

That poor bush was never meant to be a tree, but a tree it is and a tree that has gone mad.

I’m going to have to hack back those leggy branches this summer or we’ll lose the poor bush in the next ice storm. We are going to take it out eventually, but I’d like to hang on to it for a while. I bemoan those messy blooms that turn into a slick of brown gunk in the rain, but the tree has its moments.

And today was one of those.

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