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I started painting the studio today (I will post pics when I am finished).

I had a flash of inspiration as I was dozing off the other night, so when I bought groceries and sundry items this morning, I also picked up a can of blue spray paint. After I removed all of the light switch plates (and plug-in plates), I dug out my stash of old lace that I have been saving for some craft project or another. Some of this lace has been in my possession since before I was married and some of it has accumulated through the years of going to garage sales and dismantling old dresses. I had several kinds of lace (which, unfortunately, I did not think to photograph).

I set up a little outside workspace and carefully draped a different kind of lace over each plate. As soon as it was safe to, I removed the lace and let the paint dry.

I can’t say ony one is my favorite: they all came out wonderful.

And to top it off, I took the face to the forced air vent down, too. I put all the different laces on it (they just fit).

The room is always warm, so there will never be any reason to have the vents open: this is what I will always see.

As it happened, the kids stopped by when I was in the middle of this. Zephan came out to watch me while I applied the spray paint. When I was finished, his little face lit up. He made the same motion I made with my arm as I sprayed the paint and he said, “Pssssssshhhhhhhhh. Cool.”

It’s nice to know that Baba’s art has someone’s approval. 😀

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