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Shhh. I only have a few stolen moments here at the console. I tried tapping out SOS, but I can’t remember if it is dotdotdot-dashdashdash-dotdotdot or Dashdashdash-dotdotdot-dashdashdash? Will anyone reply if I tap out OSO?

We have been abducted by aliens.


They have taken over our bodies. Our minds are hanging, suspended, in some sort of fluid. God, I hope it’s not formaldehyde!!


They got to Donald first. Made him purchase an old VW Van.049

I should have known. He would never give up tent camping. He believes in sleeping on hard ground. He’d never give in to this: comfort camping!! He loves his Ford Explorer. (if you type “Ford Exploder into Google, it automatically pulls up “Ford Explorer”. I wonder why that is…??)

Then there was this:


It’s not the new roof so much, as improvement to the house. Supposedly, I signed off on this. I hate to spend money. I hate salespeople. This means being a grownup. This can’t be.

But if you need further proof that an Alien is living in my body, scroll down…


No, not that! That’s a hokey 1950’s movie about body snatchers! Pea Pod People. It was supposed to scare you.

No. I want you to see my cell phone.


This is my cell phone. It doesn’t have Internet and it takes a photo about the size of a pea. (Peas and pea pods are obviously on my mind). It works perfectly fine. I can call people when I turn it on. Occasionally, I read a text message. I delete anything that has to do with Internet access. It has served me well throughout the past 10 years. I HAVE NO REASON TO CHANGE PHONES.

And Donald doesn’t even have one.


But THIS showed up in my hand recently. Android powered. Camera, video, and Facebook capable. Apps. Email.

Shhh. I think they are coming…

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