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I took advantage of the quiet today and did way too much around the house. Now I am aching all over.

I washed the walls in the empty room upstairs in preparation for a coat of paint. Since the walls are canted (this is a bungalow-style house and the second-floor is actually the attic converted), washing the walls was a little tricky and a lot of up-and-down on the stool, and a lot of crawling along on my knees. But I got it done and I’m ready to paint. Except I can’t decide it I want to paint the baseboards white or paint them blue like the rest of the room? If I leave the door and door frame white, shouldn’t I paint the baseboard white? And what about the window sill?

Enough of that. It was another stunning day in the Pacific Northwest: high thin clouds, warm air, lots of sun breaks. I washed the sheets and hung them out to dry on the clothesline, all the while listening to the many birds. The song sparrow is the most vocal, but I could hear robins, a pileated woodpecker, the bushtits, a band-tailed pigeon, and grosbeaks. I looked for the grosbeaks, but they were in the tops of tall fir trees several houses from me and never flew my direction. But I know that’s what they were.

I planted sixteen more glads and covered the new plantings with the dog/cat repellent. Murphy will walk on the stuff, but he won’t dig in it.

I did my normal Sunday housework and watched the birds in my feeder and around the front yard. So many birds this weekend! Yesterday I noted two pine siskins! Today I was visited by an occasional traveler through here: a chipping sparrow (adult non-breeding, probably an immature bird). The house finches are back, too. We changed suet brands and worried that our suet eaters wouldn’t like it, but the Northern flicker (female) and two red-breasted nuthatches came and dined off of it.

I took my camera and tried to capture some of the more dramatic changes out in the yard.

The brilliant red stems of peonies unfurling. Not all of the peonies have red stems and the leaves will change color as the mature.

This peony is already leafing out.

And this peony has BUDS! I’m so excited! I will have peony blooms in March!

The Dragon Flower is sending up spikes. It won’t bloom until the first of June, but it looks like we’ll have several stinky blooms then!

I am going to be moving slowly tomorrow while my body works out the kinks from all the work I’ve done, but I think it was well worth it!

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Day 13 of Photo 365

Truthfully, I am amazed I’ve kept up.

365 049 (2)

365 050 (2)

365 051 (2)

365 051

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Photo 365 – #5

365 015

365 016

365 018

and last…

365 017

You were all prepared for something artsy and creative, right? this last one is titled, “Read the Manual Before Operating Camera!” Because I never read the manual; I just picked up the camera and started taking photos. I look in the manual when I get stuck. And I got stuck tonight: somehow I hit some button that turns on the timer and I had to figure out how to turn it off again. And in the process of all of this, I accidentally took a photograph of the lens cap.

So now you know the truth about me.

(When I bought the camera, I bought one for Donald, too. His is a point-and-shoot pocket sized camera.

My son-in-law heard we had new cameras. He turned to Arwen and said, “I know how this will work: your dad will read the entire manual before taking a picture. Your mom will just start taking pictures.”


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Photo 365 – #4

Well, I’ve managed four days so far…

Today was pretty blah for photos (and I feel like going to bed EARLY), so I photo-shopped the few photos I did take…

365 009

First, there is holly.


Then there’s photo shop.

but here’s the winner:

365 008

First there’s Nimrod.


And there’s Nimrod.

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