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I have not been out with my camera. Today it rained. When it quit raining, I was involved in a project of scanning old photos to restore and preserve them. It took me a couple hours to scan all the tiny black-and-white photos I inherited from my mother’s things (and it is going to be a great project when I have finished touching them all up: I am amazed at how beautifully they scanned!

old photos 048

This photo is so tiny in its physical form – 2×3″ (including the white border where my grandmother penned in her daughter’s name). Mary Lou Melrose, aged 14, posing on a fence in Rock Falls, Wisconsin. I assume she is in Rock Falls – that is where she grew up.

Mary Lou was my mother.

old photos 047

The sisters: Donna (1930),  Mary Lou (1932), Phyllis (1928). They were probably ready for church.

I was having such a great time copying down everything written on the back of the photos as well.

old photos 039

Phyllis, Emma and Mary Lou. Emma (Robinson) is my Grandmother Melrose. On the back of this photo my mother penned, “Isn’t Mom’s Lily pretty? (I’m not really that fat but my mouth is that big.)”

old photos 070

In my Grandmother’s hand: “Our 25th anniversary. March 27, 1952” (My mom is between her parents, Donna is in front of John Melrose & Phyllis is in front of Emma).

Trivia: on March 28, 1952, my mother turned 20. So she is 19 in the photo.

old photos 075

July 18, 1953. Left to right: Emma & John Melrose, “Fritz” & Thelma Wilcox.

In front: Mary Lou & John T. “Jack” Wilcox, being the occasion of their wedding.

I only have three photos of my parents’ wedding. But this one is my favorite of them:

old photos 074

I love the way she is looking at him.

The cookbook on the far right of the photo (a wedding gift) is one that I still have: Betty Crocker). I “borrowed” the dress for my wedding (but not the gloves & hat). I still have the dress, but it is faded. And my dad is smoking a cigarette.

That is an interesting point because in later years, he often quit smoking for long periods of time, eventually giving up the habit for good in 1995. 1995 is the year my mom died of emphysema. She quit smoking the last two weeks of her life simply because she was hospitalized and on oxygen.

old photos 050

This is how I remember my mom. (Christmas 1952)

old photos 053

I just want you to know that I come by it very naturally. (Christmas 1952)

Can I bore you with one more?

Too bad, I am going to, anyway.

old photos 063

Can you pick out my mom? She’s the little girl right in the middle, laughing uproariously. She looks uncannily like Chrystal at age 12 (or Chrystal looked very much like her at the same age).

And, yes, this photo is labeled, too: 5th & 6th Grades. Gordy Hintermeyer, Larnaine Stone, Elaine Koenig, Ruth Ritland, Mary Lou Melrose, Darlene Norrish, Elmer Simenson, Jimmy Koenig, Leon Wehrenberg. 1944.

Rock Falls, Wisconsin. Darlene showed up at our last family reunion (last year, in Durand, WI).

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