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After Arwen was born, there were moments of déja vu as the dreams and visions I’d had came to pass. I think God allowed me those so I would not fear losing her: the miscarriage upset me a lot.

She was pushing two when I got pregnant again. As I grew larger (and more miserable – I simply was not a pleasant pregnant person), I would try to explain to her what was going to happen and how we were going to add another child to her world. I drew many little comic strips demonstrating the steps we’d be taking. She would go to stay with a prearranged sitter (I did not think seeing her mother in pain was an advisable plan: others may differ), then Don & I would go to the birth center for a classic delivery assisted by very capable midwives. Right.

Actually, Levi chose to go by the book. Other than being posterior (a problem which was solved by squatting during one very intense contraction), Levi was one wonderful birth experience. Seven minutes from the above mentioned contraction, he crowned. Ten pounds, three and one-half ounces, born on his due date without a tear or episiotomy or other complication. Wonderful child that he is (he had plans for rebellion later in life, why let us in on them at birth?)

I decided to stop at two. My decision was prompted by two factors: I’m a miserable pregnant person who looks like a stick that swallowed a beach ball and I didn’t want to think about how large the third child would be.

She was 60#.

She was also ten years old.

Backing up a little, let me add this: I didn’t even know her in utero. My first introduction to her was a dream on May 6, 1991. I dreamt my sister was giving birth and there was a huge spiritual battle going on the room where she was in labor. Some demonic being hovered and I wanted/needed to chase it out of the room. I labored in my dream, tossing, turning, and calling out on God until I felt a release that the angels in Heaven prevailed. I chalked the dream up as one of those nightmares I continually have. I’ve been having them since I was a toddler, and this one was similar to one I had when I was a teenager where I dreamt I was ten and an orphan. I didn’t know where I was going to live.

My foster sister called the next evening to tell me that my sister had been pregnant and was now the new mother to a baby girl, born at 2AM on May the 6th.

In 2000, my baby sister died. In 2001, her rebellious ten year old daughter took a chance on an aunt and uncle she’d met only a few times and came to live with us because she hated her stepfather and she missed her mother. She turned sixteen last Sunday.

I have never quite figured out what I did wrong that God decided I needed to raise three teenagers, but it must have been a whopper of a deed. Sweet?? Sixteen

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