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I turned 51 last Friday. No party, but my oldest kid came over and brought ice cream. She didn’t really come over to celebrate my birthday: the brakes on their car were squealing and they needed help fixing them. So my husband and my son-in-law played in the brake grease while Arwen and I sat around and talked. We talked shop some (since we work for the same company, but there’s only so much ‘shop’ you can talk and a lot of stuff you can’t talk about because that would be unprofessional) and we talked about childbirth classes, naming babies and spiritual things. Unbelievably, childbirth classes cost a couple hundred dollars. Makes me wonder what people who do not have a couple hundred dollars to spare do about easing labor pain: get an epidural, I suppose.

I went through childbirth sans pain meds. It wasn’t fun, but I can’t imagine having done it with drugs. I had nice short labors. Labor with my oldest was only intense for six hours; with my youngest it was all of ten minutes. Arwen’s mother-in-law gave birth to thirteen children, no drugs. Poor girl: she’s surrounded by us midwife-loving, natural birth preaching grandmothers. I admit, however, if I had given birth thirteen times, I probably would have asked for drugs the third delivery and on. Arwen has big babies on both sides of the family, too: all of Sam’s siblings (and Sam) were in the range of 8# to 10#+. I only had two babies: one was 8#1oz and the other was 10#3.5oz.

They have chosen a name for the baby: Zephaniah Phillip Weisser. Zephan for short. Zephaniah was a minor prophet in the Old Testament and his name means “hidden by God” or “treasured by God.” Phillip means “lover of horses” in Greek, but Sam doesn’t like horses, and I have been informed it means something different in Hebrew. I don’t know: God loves horses, so what’s the big deal if Zephan does, too? I may have to influence the boy.

They left before it got too late on my birthday, but not before we shared some mint chocolate chip ice cream (yum!). Their treat. I should have sent the ice cream home with them: Arwen needs it more than I do. She’s developed a lactose intolerance during her pregnancy (hmmm: I relate to that). I think she’s trying to be careful not to gain too much weight: she looks pretty good to me. I gained more weight, I’m pretty certain.

I usually spread out celebrating my birthday over the month of November, but it doesn’t look like that will happen this year. Don left for the weekend to work in the woods (he did take me out to Old Chicago last night), Chrystal spent the weekend with my “twin” (who claims she is 35 this year. Yeah. Right. I have no problem admitting I am 51 but she apparently does), and my brother called me to wish me a happy day last night. I got several cards, some from surprise people: that was nice.

I guess I would have liked to have found a horse hidden in the garage. That’s what I have always wanted for my birthday: a horse. I had one for several years, but now that she lives elsewhere, I want one again. Yeah, I’m thinking I will need to get one when Zephan is a baby and introduce him to the of of horses. Despite what Sam thinks, Phillip is a very good horse lover name…


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